Zenesa Review 2020 – Is it Another Scam?

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While browsing Facebook, I saw a post talking about Zenesa, a new online business where you can instantly get Php1,500 just by clicking ads. I decided to search for it in google but I didn’t find much reviews. So, I decided to create a Zenesa review and while researching into more details.

What is Zenesa?

Zenesa is one of the newest MLM company in 2020 with the aim of innovating Multilevel Marketing (MLM) shifting from offline to online methods like Facebook and Messenger. The company’s vision is to be the number one online MLM company in the world. This isn’t new in an MLM company. Even the longest running MLM companies have offered their own way of doing MLM online.

On this Zenesa review, let’s checkout what more can this new MLM company offer in the online world of MLM industry.

Basic Information

  • Company Name: Zenesa Z-Online Training Services
  • Company Registration Date: January 2, 2020
  • Founder: Renan Borebor Jasa
  • Launch Date: February 1, 2020
  • Business Category: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Products Category: Beauty Products
  • Flagship Product: None
  • Best For: People with Internet interested in MLM Business
  • Membership Price: ₱998 or ₱2,598

Membership Options

There are only 2 membership option in Zenesa which is good since nowadays MLM companies give too many package options that are really confusing to people. In Zenesa, you can only choose between Silver and Bronze membership.

1. Silver Membership

  • Price: P998
  • Includes products worth P998

2. Bronze Membership

  • Price: P2,598
  • Includes products worth P2,598

That’s it, plain and simple.

Just a small thing that is worth mentioning is the additional P50 for the Zenesa bag. You are required to buy the bag so just add the P50 pesos on the price listed above.

7 Ways to Earn in Zenesa

There are 7 ways to earn in Zenesa that every member can take advantage of.

1. Clicking Ads

  • You will get 10 ads per day in you first 5 days upon sign-up
  • You can earn P30.00 per Ad.
  • Just click the ads to earn Instant P1,500.00 in your first 5 days

2. Direct Selling

  • Earn 30-50% Income for every product sales

3. Fast Start

  • Earn Instant P100 for Bronze member or P250 for silver member upon sign-up via referral link

4. Referral Cycle Bonus

  • Earn 10% for every personal direct sponsor.

5.) Sales Match Bonus

  • Earn up to 500 or more for every sales match in your left and right group.
    • 1-10 pairs = ₱500 per pairing
    • 11-20 pairs= ₱600 per pairing
    • 21-35 pairs =₱700 per pairing

6. Redundant Sales Match Bonus

  • Earn a sales match bonus for every 50pts. earned by your member on left sales group and 50pts. earned by your member on RIGHT sales groups based on repeat purchase
  • Earn a sales match bonus for every top up package registered to your left & right sales group.
  • Re-entry package for redundant binary
    • ₱998 entry is ₱7,500 max income limit/day
    • ₱2598 entry is ₱21,500 max income limit/day

7. Profit Sharing

  • Earn 10% share based on company’s net income.

Please note that encashments are done every Friday for request made on Monday. Minimum encashment is ₱2,500 on you first encashment. Succeeding encashment can be done at minimum of ₱500.

If you need more information on the ways to earn aspect of Zenesa, here is a video from one of the pioneer member.

Legitimacy Check

We should be very careful when investing money on MLM companies especially the new ones. Here are few points to identify if a network marketing business is legitimate or just trying to get your hard earned money.

1. Is there a product? 

  • Yes, there are products. Your investment in Zenesa includes Glutathione and Kojic Soap. These are currently the products Zenesa offers.

2. Are founders disclosed? 

  • Yes, the founder has been doing videos to introduce the business to the public. Renan Borebor Jasa is the only founder and CEO of the company.
  • Here is one of the video where he explains the overview of how the company can help those who needs extra income online.

3. Is this registered in SEC? 

  • Yes, Zenesa Z-Online Training Services was registered January 2, 2020.

4. Is there an existing office?

  • Based on the documents they provided on the official facebook page, the office is located at Poblacion East, Calasiao, Pangasinan.
  • Phone: 0945 650 2635 
  • Email: zenesamarketing@gmail.com

5. Is there a safety net? 

  • Yes, there is a safety net of 3 pairs per day. Over 3 pairs is considered flushed out.
  • On the 5th pair, the member gets products instead.
  • The company has 1 account policy per name

6. Are the products marketable? 

  • Zenesa has only 2 products currently and its early to say if this is marketable or not. Beauty products are still in on the current generation especially for Filipinos and it seems it will last more years in the future. There are lots of competitors on this line of product so only time can tell how long with these products last in the industry.

Online Integrity

This part generally covers how people accepts this new MLM business across the online the world. Currently, the official facebook page only got 300+ likes as of writing. This is understandable because it just launch and it’s very new at the moment.

You can find only few details in Google, and not a single Zenesa Review as of writing this post, but there are a number of people promoting this in Facebook so this will get bigger in the next few months.

Final Thought

Honestly, I didn’t think such company can be serious with the business but based on the information gathered above, looks like this could be a legit business and has the intention of becoming legit.

But it’s too early to conclude. There are lots of factors that could turn new MLM business into bankruptcy so let’s give it time to grow and see what going to happen in the next few months. I will try to update this Zenesa review as soon as new details came up.

If you are up to a stable MLM company, AIM Global is one of the best choice you can get.

Anyway, no matter what business you choose, it’s always important to work hard, focus and stay motivated. Here is our suggested way to succeed online no matter what MLM business you have: Wealthy Affiliate Review: A Perfect Place for Hardworking People Online.





Price Value


Marketing Materials


Product Marketability



  • Affordable as low as ₱998.
  • Can be done purely online
  • Up to 50% Direct Sales Profit.


  • Very new in the industry
  • Limited products.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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