What is Empowered Consumerism AIM Global Marketing Campaign?

Empowered Consumerism
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AIM Global has been around for more than 13 years in the world of Multilevel Marketing. It has proven to be one of the best and major player in the industry and has created thousands of self made millionaires around the world. Now, it made another big noise when it introduced the term “Empowered Consumerism”.

In the first quarter of 2020, we’ve been hearing about Empowered Consumerism being used in place of AIM Global. What exactly is Empowered Consumerism and how does it relates to AIM Global?

Empowered Consumerism is the new marketing campaign set by AIM Global management this 2020. It encompasses a lot of improvement and changes in the system as well as new packages to choose from.

As the CEO, Dr. Ed Cabantog explains, Empowered Consumerism is how consumers are empowered by the quality and effectiveness of AIM Global products. As a result, consumers also empowers the value of AIM Global products. The main goal of this campaign is to give value to consumers and provide consumers a way to earn money as they consume the products.

When we hear the term Empowered Consumerism, the company aims to make AIM Global to be the first thing to come in mind. The CEO even compares it to how BDO’s “We find ways” and McDonald’s “Love ko’to” marketing campaign appeals to the market.

What are the Changes with Empowered Consumerism?

There are lots of changes along with this new marketing campaign. There are changes with payout system, new compensation plan, system changes, new products and more.

Below are the most noticeable changes.

1. EC5 Payout System

This is one of the most exciting change for distributors. Starting February 18, 2020, distributors can now withdraw their earnings in as fast as 5 minutes using the new Easy Card 5 (EC5) powered by China Trust and VISA. Previously, it takes one whole day to process withdrawals in AIM Global.

Distributors can apply for the EC5 card starting February 10, 2020 at a cost of ₱250. If applied in Business Center Office (BCO), card will be released within 5 days. However, if applied in Home Office, EC5 card will be available in just 5 minutes.

For more info, check it out our separate post: AIM Global EC5: The First on MLM Industry.

2. Uni Payout Plan (UPP)

Before Empowered Consumerism, there are only 3 compensation plan: Binary, Unilevel Bonus and Stair Step. Now there is a new compensation plan along with Empowered Consumerism campaign called Uni Payout Plan or UPP.

This new compensation plan will be based on product reorders. Furthermore, distributors are now entitled to get additional income from their direct referrals based on percentage assignment up to 20th levels. Percentage assignment are pre-assign by the management on a per level basis.

3. Personal Monthly Achievement (PMA)

This pertains to the monthly maintenance needed to qualify for Unilevel and Stair Step Bonus (0.3334 points). Before, you need multiple PMA for multiple accounts, now you only need 1 PMA to cover all maintenance for all of your accounts.

The catch is, with the Empowered Consumerism, PMA is now needed to earn with Binary system. This is a bit of a bad news for those people who are not so active in the business.

There is an exception however for new distributors. They are only required to have monthly maintenance on their 3rd month to give them time to buildup their business.

4. Empowered Consumerism Packages

There are 3 new packages introduced this 2020. We call it EC Package A, EC Package B,
EC Package C.
Each package cost ₱8,999 and includes Direct Referral bonus of ₱700 and Pairing Bonus of ₱1,800.

As we all know, EC means Empowered Consumerism.

As a usual approach, these packages are worth more than the invested amount. Here are the products included in these packages.

  1. EC Package A
    • Cost: ₱8,999
    • SRP: ₱15,145
  2. EC Package B
    • Cost: ₱8,999
    • SRP: ₱12,290
  3. EC Package C
    • Cost: ₱8,999
    • SRP: ₱14,280

For more details about these new packages, click here.

5. Other Improvements and Changes

There are a lot of other changes in the system as well. Like for example, Pairing bonus is now ₱1,800 with the introduction of the ₱8,990 new packages. Increase in cycle period and same name compressions are also some of the good changes.

DTC or Data Tracking Center now has a new design and can be access using the new link below.


There is also a new shop where distributors can buy and sell products around the world. This shop can be accessed using below link:


There will also be new products to be introduced within the year and alot more changes is coming. So stay tuned.

New Plan Policy (NPP) for Existing Members

Everytime AIM Global introduces new marketing campaign, existing or old members are given the opportunity to upgrade their account to the new plan by purchasing what we call New Plan Policy (NPP) Package.

If old member wants to transition to the new marketing plan where binary points is ₱1,800 and with other new improvements such as increased cycle time, he/she needs to buy only 1 NPP package. As a result, this will cover all accounts for those distributors with multiple accounts.

There 4 new NPP Packages to choose from which cost less than cost ₱2,000.

  1. NPP Package A
    • Cost: ₱1,894
    • SRP: ₱2,740
    • Products Included
      • 3 C24/7 Retail Packs
      • 1 iProtect 24/7 Packet
  2. NPP Package B
    • Cost: ₱1,896
    • SRP: ₱2,110
    • Products Included
      • Two C24/7 Retail Packs
      • 2 Angel-E Retail Packs
      • 2 Kiddie C24/7 Retail Packs
  3. NPP Package C
    • Cost: ₱1,896
    • SRP: ₱2,380
    • Products Included
      • 2 C24/7 Retail Packs
      • 1 iProtect 24/7 Packet
      • 4 Liven Coffee Retail Packs
  4. NPP Package D
    • Cost: ₱1,876
    • SRP: ₱2,560
    • Products Included
      • 2 C24/7 Retail Packs
      • 3 NC Deep Cleansing Soap
      • 2 NC Oxygen Bar
      • 2 NC Toothpaste

When will the Change Take Effect?

The management has instructed distributors to use Empowered Consumerism instead of AIM Global in the their marketing efforts. The exact way to promote as the CEO suggested is “Empowered Consumerism powered by AIM Global”. This is effective February 3, 2020.

Social media now shows distributors promoting Empowered Consumerism. This shows how strong the company is imposing such change to take effect as soon as the effectivity date was annouced. The same compliment go to distribitors for the support on this new campaign.

What’s Next with Empowered Consumerism?

It seems AIM Global is heading on completely turning the distributors’ business into an online business. The management is currently polishing the new Empowered Consumerism shop that can ship all AIM Global products and packages to anyone around the world.

Currently, we have AIMR2ME that ships most (but not all) the products only within the Philippines. We also have AIM World that ships very few type of products around the world (C24/7 not even included).

This is the right time to be ahead of the game. Creating a website is the best way to get unlimited source of prospect around the globe (through Google search). The best place to learn and build one is through Wealthy Affiliate, an all in one platform suitable for beginners and hard-working individuals. If you want to learn more, click here, it’s FREE to signup.

When Empowered Consumerism becomes fully functional in the next coming weeks, you’ll surely be ahead of the game. It’s best to act now.

If you have questions or wanted to start Empowered Consumerism business now, please send us message using our contact form.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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