What is AIM Global Products: A Google SEO Demo

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I know you’re wondering what “A Google SEO Demo” mean. I am doing a demo of how powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in providing unlimited source of visitors to your website. “What is AIM Global Products” is the keyword we are going to use in this demo. Don’t worry about the grammar of the keyword. That was intentional and that’s what people are searching according to the tool I am going to introduce below.

If you came here by mistake and are looking for the list of AIM Global Products, just click below. 

Wealthy Affiliate: Best Place for SEO Beginners 

If you’ve ever read some post in this website, you may have read about my personal recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, to increase your success rate in network marketing business like AIM Global.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that let’s you earn money from creating a website. It teaches SEO to get unlimited source of traffic (or visitors) and earn money through Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing simply means selling others products to earn a percentage of profit called commission. Below diagram shows how affiliate marketing works.

affiliate marketing diagram

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for beginners to learn SEO because the training videos are very well made specifically for those with zero knowledge in creating a website. 

In this demo, I’m going to show how you get people to find your website through ranking first page in Google using the keyword – what is AIM Global products. 

If you want a complete and more detailed training videos, click below button to signup to Wealthy Affiliate for free. 

Jaaxy: Know What People Search in Google

The important thing is knowing what people are searching in Google and other search engines. When people search in Google, they type in specific word or words. These words are called “keywords”. 

We need to know what keywords people search the most. It must be relate to what your website is all about. Like for example, I chose what is aim global products as the keyword because this is related to what my website is talking about. 

The best place to know this information is by using a service known as Jaaxy. It’s free to signup and it’s all you need to get you all the information we need about keywords.

Let’s take closer look inside Jaxxy. Once your logged in, you will see a text box where you can type some keywords.

Type in a keyword and see how many searches that particular keyword gets every month. 

Let’s look at the number on our demo keyword “what is aim global products”. Note that you need to click “Get QSR” to reveal other details.

Jaaxy screenshot

You will notice 7 columns as follows:

  1. Keyword – This is the keyword suggestions based on the keywords you typed. The first in is always the exact keyword you provided.
  2. Avg – This is the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
  3. Traffic – this is the number of visits in your website if you achieve first page ranking in the search engine.
  4. QSR – It means Qouted Search Results. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for that particular keywords. The lower the number, the better.
  5. KQI – It mean Keyword Quality Indicator. Green means great, yellow is OK and red is poor.
  6. SEO – It means Search Engine Optimization. It is an indicator in a scale of 1-100. The higher the number, the more likely you will rank in first page. 
  7. Domain – This will show available domain for the keyword you specify. This is useful if you have no website yet and still looking for a good one. 

The columns you should be focusing here are the Traffic, QSR and KQI

Understanding Traffic, QSR and KQI

All the columns are important but for the purpose of this demo, we are going to focus on the most important ones. 

Traffic per month provided by Jaaxy should be the first one to consider. A post with 15 to 30 traffic per month is a good number. Note that data provided by Jaaxy is only an approximate number. It may change from time to time but the good news is, most of the time, you also rank for keywords you don’t intend to rank on. This is a good bonus for your hard work. 

Wealthy Affiliate always remind the members to focus on one keyword phrase per post. This rule never fail and I can attest this really works. 

In our demo keyword, you will notice that traffic is 89. This is higher than what we need. Such keyword with this high traffic is rare. I just chose this keyword to give you an idea that there are exceptionally high quality keywords out there that can give you website a boost in traffic.

QSR or Quoted Search Result is also another data to watch out. You may want to go for keywords with less competition. Less than 50 is a good number. 

There are a lots of good keywords with very high traffic but if you look at the QSR, a lot of website are trying to rank in it. Always check QSR to make sure you get to top search easier. If your website is new, you won’t make it to competition with the old ones if you choose keywords with high QSR. 

In our demo keyword, QSR is 4. This is a very outstanding keyword. This means that there are only 4 websites competing on this keyword so there is a very high change we will rank easily in the first page of search result.

Lastly, KQI or Keyword Quality Indicator is a column you could quickly notice. It’s color coded with green as a great one. Great keywords tend to rank higher in results. Red or poor keyword won’t give you much click even if there is a high traffic and low competition. Always go for the green one. You’ll see a lot of greens anyway but still keep an eye on this indicator.

Demo Result

As of publish date, below is the ranking result for this keyword. What we are expecting now is to at least get this post into the first page of the google search. I will update this post after few days and even after few weeks to see how this simple SEO application works.

Google Search result

Final Thought: Disclaimer about SEO

This demo only shows how to use Jaaxy as a keyword research tool. It does not cover all the aspects of SEO. I would like to note that SEO isn’t only about keyword research. I have applied few SEO practice on this post to increase the chances of being ranked high in google search.

If you are a beginner and want to learn SEO, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. Signup for free and start your affiliate training now.

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