Wealthy Affiliate Review: A Perfect Place for Hardworking People Online

Wealthy Affiliate Review
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If you’ve read some of my post in this website, you would probably know that I’ve been suggesting Wealthy Affiliate to those who want to increase their success rate in network marketing business like AIM Global.

Today, we will talk about doing Wealthy Affiliate without combining it to any network marketing business, just a plain Wealthy Affiliate business. We will dig deeper into its great features and how easy it is to start as a beginner with zero knowledge about building a website. 

If you want to know more on how you can use Wealthy Affiliate to succeed in your AIM Global business, you can check out “How to Succeed in AIM Global Using the Power of Internet“.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

In simple terms, Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one place to put up a website and earn from it. 

You’ll get everything that you need from training up to earning and everything in between.

The technical part is done for you by Wealthy Affiliate. All you need to do is follow the simple tasks through out the online training. Don’t worry, you still got to choose what to write and how your website looks which is one of the fun part of building a website. 

By following the trainings, you will learn how to earn from your website through what we call Affiliate Marketing

Basic Information

  • Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Registration Date: September 10, 2005
  • Founders: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
  • Business Category: Affiliate Marketing
  • Products Category: Anything (Member’s choice)
  • Cost: FREE or Premium ($49 per month or $359 per year) 

If you want more information on chronological order, you can check out my coach’s post here. By the way, he’s a very successful affiliate marketer from Wealthy Affiliate who started at 21 years old, so he’s worth checking out.

How does Affiliate Marketing Works? 

Affiliate marketing is selling other’s product to earn a certain percentage of profit called commission

Below diagram shows how affiliate marketing works.

affiliate marketing diagram
  1. The process starts when a customer make a search in Google or other search engines.
  2. Google shows your website in the search result. The customer click your website and reads your website content.
  3. The customer clicks a link in your website and directed to a product page like Amazon. 
  4. When the customer purchase the product, you earn a commission.

You’ll notice how simple the process is.

  • You don’t need to have an inventory. 
  • You don’t need to ship products. 
  • You don’t need to deal with customers. 

All you have to do is make a customer click in your referral link and you’ll get the commission when the customer buys any product.

A referral link is your unique link given by affiliate company like Amazon. You should make sure this is the link people click so any commission automatically goes to you account. Everything will be on the easy-to-follow trainings so you don’t have to worry if doesn’t make sense for now. Just be ready and willing to learn a lot.

How do I Get Customer? 

For affiliate marketing to work, you will need an unlimited source of customers. So the question is, where do you get it?

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to get unlimited source of customers from none other than Google or specifically Google Search Engine

Google Seach Image

You are going to learn how to get your website in front of your customer in Google Search first page through the use of some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sound. Wealthy Affiliate is great in teaching beginners these stuff. It’s as simple as placing words to the right places.

Limitations: Who Can Do Wealthy Affiliate 

First, let me tell you the limitations so we know who and who cannot do this business. 

In February 2019, Wealthy Affiliate allowed few more countries to join the community. These countries were previously tagged with high number of fraud by Wealthy Affiliate. If you are in one of below countries, you are lucky as you can now take advantage of this great opportunity and can even be your country’s pioneer to succeed in this business. 

WA Countries

Here are the list of countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

Unfortunately, if you are from Nigeria, you still cannot join Wealthy Affiliate. There is no word as to when will they allow Nigeria but the main reason is due to incapacity of most Nigerian to use credit card as payment method.

Currently, anyone around the world except Nigeria can join Wealthy Affiliate. 

Quick Look Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s have a quick look inside Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you want to see it live, you may now signup for FREE

Here is a quick guide on how what’s inside Wealthy Affiliate that’s very well explained by one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle. 

You will see most of the features of Wealthy Affiliate in the video but let’s dig deeper into it. 

Getting Started: Level 1 Training

Training is the most important feature you will get in Wealthy Affiliate, and “Level 1: Getting Started” is the foundation you’ll need to get a strong kick start in building website. Here, you’ll get all the necessary knowledge and will give you the broad idea on what really makes a successful website that people can see in the first page of search engines like Google. 

All trainings are in a form of a written post that includes an easy-to-follow video about the topic. The article would give you a hint of what the training is all about. The video talks about the details.

Training Format

At the bottom of each trainings, there are tasks that you need to do. This will test your understanding of the training and will make you understand the deeper purpose of every trainings you complete. Some tasks will let you engage with other fellow members which is great as it will make you realize how great and active the community is. 

WA Tasks

If you’ve ever got any questions about the training, there is a comment section at the bottom of each training where you can ask questions. You’ll be amazed how fast people give answers, you’ll get answer within few minutes. 

Certification Courses

There is a total of 5 levels in Wealthy Affiliate certification course s including the Gering Started foundation we talked about. 

  • Level 1: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
  • Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money
  • Level 4: Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Level 2 to 5 are premium level courses with similar formats and a much focus and detailed training. 

WA Training Course

I can guarantee all of these course are worth it. Not only these are easy to follow, they are also fun to learn as you’ll get to see for yourself if the training really works through consistently challenging tasks and community engagements. 

Live Training

One of my favorite part of the training is the Weekly Live Training that makes Wealthy Affiliate fresh and up to date. 

WA Live Training

During the live training, Jay, the live training coach, ensures that people can interact through live chat. There is also a Q&A at the end of every session where you get a chance to ask your questions and get answers live. 

The live training happens every Saturday and in case you fail to attend, there is always a recorded version available after 24 hours of live broadcast that you can watch anytime you want. All past live trainings are located in one of the main menu so you it’s really hard to miss.

Community Training

One of the best part of Wealthy Affiliate is the community, the possitivity within and the genuine will to help each other. 

At some point of being a premium member, you will be given the ability to write your own training to help others in the community. A lot of successful members took this chance to give back to Wealthy Affiliate. 

WA Community Training

You will see a lot of trainings created by successful Wealthy Affiliate themselves. This is great because you’ll have a diverse set of learning opportunities from different expertise and experiences of successful Wealthy Affiliate members. . 

Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate has every tool you need in building your website. One of the most important tool you’ll frequently use in building your website is the Keyword Research Tool powered by Jaaxy. 

The keyword research tool will give you the ability to learn what people are searching inside Google to search for information. 

It will give you numbers like how many times the people search a specific keyword in a given month or how many website are trying to rank in Google on that keyword. 

WA Jaaxy

The training will give you a more detailed and easier way of explanation so I’ll leave the detailed part on the training.

Site Builder (Site Rubix) 

Wealthy Affilate site builder powered by site rubix is the easiest way to install WordPress in an instant. 

Normally, installing WordPress would take you a lot of steps to complete and most of the time, it is very overwhelming for non technical people like us. 

Wealthy Affiliate solves that and made installing WordPress as simple as following the 4 steps below. 

  • What kind of website do you want to build? (Free site)
  • Give your website a name
  • Choose a look for your website
  • Build Your Site
WA Build Website

Following this steps, you will be ready logging into your WordPress dashboard in less than a minute. 

Please note the Wealthy Affiliate is using the WordPress.org which is different to very limited featured WordPress.com. WordPress.org allows you to control everything about your website and you can even install thousands of plugins in your website. To know more about the difference, check out this infographics

Website Hosting

There are lots of good hosting sites like Bluehost, Hostgator etc., but dealing with those services and picking up each pieces of features you need can be very stressful. You might also end up paying more than what you expected. 

Wealthy affiliate hosting is not only hassle free but is also one of the best hosting services around that is super fast and reliable. 


You don’t have to worry about DNS and those technical terms. You don’t even have to deal with those add-ons every hosting services wants to offer. All of those add-ons that you need are included so you don’t need to worry about your website performance. 

Here are some features you’ll get in Wealthy Affiliate hosting as a premium member. Don’t worry if you don’t understand most of these.

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Top notch hosting security
  • Whois Privacy Protection
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Email & email forwards
  • Site Health Analysis
  • Website Auto Login

If you are one of those not-so-techie person that wants to put up a website, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place for you. 

Site Domains

Site domain is the what people type in to access your website. For example: facebook.com, twitter.com or this website itself aimglobalonline.net.

Domain names comes with a price and domain pricing in Wealthy Affiliate is very competitive as compared to other services. It’s fixed amount for every year unlike other services that increases and contains add-ons every now and then. 

Domain Comparison

Don’t worry, if you only plan to be a free member, you’ll get your free domain in a form of yoursite.siterubix.com. Note the this can be transferred to your own domain afterwards if you decided to be serious and go premium member in Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate Supports

Support in Wealthy Affiliate comes in different forms. This is where it stands out. 

Whether you are a beginners looking for motivation or an expert looking for specific issue solutions, Wealthy Affiliate gets you covered. 

I personally think helping people became a culture inside Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the community that made the support super awesome. The answers to questions are super fast. The community is very active that you’ll never felt alone inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

Let’s check out each of the available support you can get inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

WA Help Center

Live Chat Support

Live help is the perfect place if you want answered in an instant. It’s like a group chat session and you know how fast chat can be. You’ll get answers in seconds, if not if minutes. 

WA Live Chat

Since this is a community involving everyone in the world (except one we gave discussed earlier), live chat is available 24/7 noatter where you are in the world.


Classrooms functions similar forums where you can post a questions and everyone can see and provide comments on your questions. 

This is the perfect place if you want a diversed opinion about your question. 

WA Ask Question in Classroom

The system automatically detects of your question has already been answered so its a great place to check out as well for an instant answer to your questions. 

Private Messaging

Wealthy affiliate features private messaging so you can contact anyone personally. 

The best way you can use this is to contact your sponsor (someone your referred you in Wealthy Affiliate) specially when you are just starting to get yourself familiar with the platform. 

WA Private Messaging

There is a special link that you can access to reach out to your sponsor right within the menu. There is even a special link to contact the founders Kyle and Carson themselves.

This is the perfect place if you want individualized feedback from anyone in the community.

Website Feedback

If you like an honest opinion about different aspects of your website, you can ask for a website feedback where other members can provide suggestions for improvements. 

This is a good way to know what people think about your website, whether it’s easy to navigate, very detail post, overly use of annoying pop-ups etc. 

WA Website Feedback

Website feedback works on a system where you get to ask for one feedback if you provided two feedbacks to others website. 

Site Comments

Once you have your website up and running, one of the good ways to make your site active in the eyes of Google is getting your post some comments from real people. This is where this feature helps a lot. 

WA Site Comments 2

Site Comments also work as a system where you set what categories of post you want to comment on and the system will suggest every now and then. 

Every comment you make to others’ websites will give you 1 credit. If you want to request for other comments, you have to use 2 credits.

WA SIte Comments

This a great way to make you website look very active in the eyes of your visitors.

Site Support

For premium members, there is a special team that can provide technical support 24/7. 

This team is quick and very helpful. You can ask for almost all the issues you encounter so you don’t have to worry about dealing with unexpected issues. 

WA Site Support

Some Success Stories

Success stories are everywhere when you log in to you wealthy affiliate account. But for the purpose of this post, let me show you some of my favorites. 

Many times we also want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a good investment in our time and money. I know I did when I first started out. Is the education worth it? Is the time we spend researching keywords and targeting blog posts going to make the big money in the long run? We'll, I'm proof that it does. Like so many other successful WA members, I'm here to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate teaches works. Continue reading.
I remember the days a bit over 1 and a half years ago when I started my journey here at WA. I remember the post that I made about my goals and my goal was to make $1500 per month at the 1 ½ year mark. Well I've more than surpassed it making $4000-5500 per month now. I've learned a lot from other sources also and implemented their strategies and it has paid off. But WA has given the absolute basics that you should have in pristine condition all the other things are just icing on the cake so to say. Continue reading.
So this is my 6th year in this online game and I absolutely love it. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since August of 2013. I has not only been a source of income but also a great tool I go back to. I have to admit that I have not been on here in awhile, but better late then never. I decided to post some of my daily earnings everyday from now on because I think it's super important to show the true possibilities of what can be done if your consistent. Continue reading.
This is my last money post until I hit 10k, which I expect to happen this up coming fall. I made a little over $4500 in commissions from Amazon and this came from 1269 sales and 39,000 unique clicks from Google. Don't worry if you're not getting the same results as me. This is the 7th month of my website but I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 and half years now. Continue reading.

There is special post where members themselves can give their most recent reviews and success experiences in Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re curious on what real people say about this community, click here.

If you want more, one of the successful affiliate marketer, Nathaniell, made it a habit to post a list of success stories every year. To view the list of 2018 success stories, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For? 

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who is willing to learn and achieve their success through hardwork, not those get-rich- quick scheme which never work for anyone. 

Doing business online cannot be done overnight. It requires consistent hard work and desire for continuous learning. 

I know this is not for everyone but if you’re willing to put your focus and is always determined to learn new things, eventually, you will succeed in Wealthy Affiliate like some of the members mentioned above. 

How long does it take?

How long it will take you to succeed on this business will depend on how much time and hardwork you invest in building your website. The more work you put into it, the faster you will reach your success. 

If you want an estimate, it can take you 6 months to 1 year of consistent work, working few hours a day. There are exceptional people who could make it in 3 months but I suggest you just enjoy the journey and the trainings along the way.

The learnings themselves are worthit so just take your time and you’ll be surprised to see your results in no time. 

How much can I earn?

$5K to $10K is a good estimate. But this will still depend on the hardwork and time you spent building your website.

There are actually few people in Wealthy Affiliate who reached as much as $75K per month. That’s definitely huge. 

Once you start earning money from your website, there is no other way but to go up and continuously increase your earnings, and it will continue to increase as long as you are consistent on what you do. 

What will I get as a free member?

As soon as you signup, you’ll get your own dashboard in Wealthy Affiliate as free member. Your account is a little limited as compared to premium account but you’ll get enough to build your own free website in just few minutes. 

Here is everything you’ll get as a free member.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (10 Lessons)
  • Classrooms, Evolving Daily (2 Classrooms)
  • 2 Website Platform You Can Grow With
  • 12 Beautiful Website Designs
  • SiteDomains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • Virus & Malware protection
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Grammar & Spelling Perfection
  • Templates for Efficiency
  • Keywords & Opportunity (30 Searches)
  • SiteRank, Tracking Your Website Rankings (30 scans)
  • Live & Instant Support (7 days)

If you want to know what you’re missing as a free member, check out this comparison of FREE and PREMIUM membership. I highly recommend upgrading to premium but if you want to test it out yourself first, FREE membership is always available for you.

Final Thought: 100% Recommended

Yes, definitely this is extremely recommended for everyone whether you are a beginner or advance on website building. Wealthy affiliate has everything you need and it’s not like any other services out there. 

You’ll always feel it’s worth the price and unlike other services, Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells, no tricky gimmicks. Others will charge you thousands of dollars for a single training course, and just end up feeling you are missing something. 

Wealthy Affiliate is not as expensive as what others are asking. They only charge $49 a month or with a greater discount if you opt for the yearly subscription for $359. And the best part is, they allow people to be a member for FREE… forever.

Wealthy Affiliate




Price Value


Trainings, Tools & Support


Business Marketability



  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Available Worldwide except Nigeria
  • No Face to Face Selling
  • All in one Tools, Trainings and Support
  • FREE or Premium Membership with no upsells


  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme, suitable for hardworking people only

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