Wealthy Affiliate Now Available in the Philippines

WA in the Philippines
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Finally, after years of being banned in Wealthy Affiliate, Philippines can now enjoy building business online by signing up for free membership in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are not familiar with what is Wealthy Affiliate, click here for a quick overview.

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform where you can learn how to build business online (on any topic you love) even if you’ve never heard of Affiliate Marketing before.

List of Newly Allowed Countries

Previously, these countries were still able to join Wealthy Affiliate but they had to join as a premium member which cost $49/month. Here are the additional countries allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate without spending a single cent.

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. Ghana
  4. India
  5. Kenya
  6. Morocco
  7. Pakistan
  8. Philippines
  9. Vietnam

Why is Nigeria not included in the list?

According to one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Nigeria is one country where fraud is extremely high, and where payments are not possible. Very few folks from Nigeria can make payment to go Premium because they do not have PayPal, and most do not have credit cards that will work. In most cases as well, Nigeria cannot receive payment from affiliate companies, so it’s quite difficult for them.

So currently, Nigeria is the only country that cannot join Wealthy Affiliate as free member and even as a premium member.

Free Membership Features and $30 Premium Discount

Yes, there is a premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate if you want to get advance features but this doesn’t mean free membership is a limited time offer. You can enjoy free membership for as long as you want with features more than enough to start a successful online business.

Just to give you an idea, here’s the list of benefits and features when you signup for free membership.

  • Training Course for Beginners
  • 7 Days Live Chat for instant support
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Webhosting for your free websites
  • 10 Lessons of Affiliate program if you wanted to promote Wealthy Affiliate
  • Personal Blog within Wealthy Affiliate
  • SiteContent with templates to use
  • Keyword Research Tool (limited searches)
  • 2 Training Classrooms

But in case you decided to go premium and want a lot more, there is currently a $30 discount on your first month which is very well explained in this page.

Wealthy Affiliate or AIM Global?

Wealthy affiliate is for affiliate marketing while AIM Global is for network marketing. These are two different areas of building business but it’s possible to actually mix them up together somehow.

For a detailed explanation on how Wealthy Affiliate and AIM Global can be used together, see “How to Succeed in AIM Global Using the Power of Internet

One major difference is that Wealthy Affiliate is done purely online and earnings generally come from commissions received from selling other products (as low as 8%).

AIM Global is generally done by selling AIM Global products and inviting them to join and become AIM Global distributor. This is usually done by talking to people you know or you meet online but the profit in selling products (25-50%) and other benefits are very attractive. One can easily earn a lifetime passive income if he/she has the right character for selling the products and the business.

Mixing this up, you can sell products of AIM Global through building a website, apply the lessons from Wealthy Affiliate and earn great commissions from AIM Global products which ranges from 25% to 50% profit.

But to answer the question, we highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate at this time since this is newly available in the Philippines. If you are already an AIM Global distributor, you may sell this by applying Wealthy Affiliate lessons and earn higher profit. But if you think AIM Global is for you, grab it for a faster result.


Now that Philippines is fully allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate for free, Filipinos can take advantage of this great opportunity to be one successful Affiliated Marketer pioneering in the Philippines. We are no longer limited to network marketing these days. There are lots of opportunities coming our way and this is the time to grab it.

We are planning to publish Wealthy Affiliate as one recommended alternative for AIM Global so stay tuned.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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