RZM Review 2020: What You Need to Know Before Joining

RZM Review
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Multilevel marketing (MLM) companies offering the traditional MLM model still exist these days. RZM is one of them. This is good for those who wants simpler MLM business since it’s easier to explain and most people are familiar with the general compensation plan of a traditional MLM company. In this RZM review, we will go into details of what RZM is all about as an MLM company.

What is RZM?

RZM stands for Raisedherbs Zion Marketing. It started in August 2016 as direct selling business but recently adapted networking marketing model last November 2019.

Before adapting the MLM model, RZM has been very successful with its products lineup since 2016 and was able to receive different awards back then.

As a company, RZM aims to be the leader in providing world-class and innovative herbal products in the world.

Basic Information

  • Company Name: Raisedherbs Zion Marketing
  • Company Registration Date: August 17, 2016
  • Founders: Odette V. Valencia and John Erick Santos
  • Launch Date: February 1, 2020
  • Business Category: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Products Category: Coffee, Supplement and Beauty Products
  • Flagship Product: Raisedherbs Green Coffee
  • Best For: People interested in traditional MLM
  • Membership Price: ₱1,000

Membership Options

There is only one membership price in RZM but you are given options of which products you can get for the price of P1,000. Depending on how many package you avail, here are what you can get.

Please note that members are only allowed a maximum of 3 packages only per account.

RZM Package Options 1
RZM Package Options 3

Membership Benefits

  1. Products – Depending on how many packages you avail, you will get products worth equal to your invested amount. If you get 3 package accounts, you will get products worth P3,000.
  2. Lifetime Membership and discounts – You will become a lifetime member and becomes eligible for 30%-50% discounts on RZM products.
  3. Online Business portal (Monitoring System) – Like any other MLM business, you will get an online account where you can monitor all your earnings and activities online.
  4. Promos and bonus incentives – From time to time, company offers promos and bonus incentives for those hardworking individuals. As a member, you will be eligible to join the promo and get incentives depending on your performance.
  5. Free Trainings – These are online trainings the members provide to members.

Ways to Earn

  1. Direct Selling – Members will get 30% to 50% profit by selling RZM products online or offline.
  2. Direct Referral Rewards – By inviting people to join RZM, members get P100 direct referral income for each person who joined under the member’s name.
  3. Sales Match Bonus – Just like any MLM business, RZM is also works on binary system. Members get P500 for each match in your left and right sales group in your first 48 pairs (max of 3 pairs a day). On 49th pair and succeeding, members get P150 sales match bonus (max of 10 pairs a day).
  4. Monthly Unilevel Bonus – members gets 8% of Points Value (PV) of their download up to the 10th level.

Legitimacy Check

1. Are the founders disclosed?

  • Yes, the founders’ name and photos are disclosed.
RZM Founders

2. Is the company registered in SEC?

  • Yes, the company was registered in August 17, 2016 and will be valid until August 17, 2021.
RZM Documents
RZM Documents 2

3. Is there an existing office?

  • Yes, office is located at Unit 201, Fortune Promenade Building, 158 West Ave, Quezon City.

4. Is there a safety net?

  • Yes. There is a safety net of 3 pairs limit per day ( or 10 pairs per day when the user reached 49th pair).
  • Members can also have a maximum of 3 accounts in one name.
  • Maximum income per day for 3 accounts is P4,500.
  • Reactivation is required when you reach P10,000 and P20,000 earnings. Reactivation cost P1,000.

5. Are the products marketable?

  • It seems that RZM products have been in the industry for quite some time. The products have won different awards. Its product Green coffee has been awarded best slimming coffee in 2017 and people choice award in 2018. The Gluta Slim was also awarded as people choice award in 2018 and top brand asia award in 2017.


RZM gives each member a unique link called referral link that their prospects can use to sign-up. You can easily find this link your personal dashboard which we find very well designed and easy to use. This means you can possibly automate signups online by posting your referral link on social media or websites.

RZM Dashboard

But to succeed on this strategy, you need to have a consistent source of prospects. Social media is good if you have a lot of followers but it does not provide consistent number of prospects.

The best way to get unlimited source of prospects is to create a website. We highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to start with free website right away.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people how to create a website from scratch and earn from it. If you wanted to learn more about this awesome platform, we have created a separate post discussing all features in detail: Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Online Integrity

The MLM side of the company is fairly new but if we are talking about products, we are talking about years if existence and are being accepted by the public very well.

Reviews of Raisedherbs Green Coffee are great because of it’s effective weight loss benefits. You will see a lot of post in social media about their product but there isn’t so much about the MLM business for RZM. Probably because it is still new in an MLM world.

We were able to find Facebook groups with pretty much decent number of members, 12K as of writing this review. Unfortunately, we can’t see post related to RZM anymore. For some reasons, members are posting other businesses. Looks like this group needs proper moderation.

We didn’t find an official Facebook page but there are some who consistently promotes the RZM business with promotional images about products.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any decent promotional videos about the business. There are few member created videos but not any official professional videos coming from the company itself.

This business is still new so let’s just wait and see how it progress in the coming months. We will try to update this RZM review as soon as new information becomes available.

Final Thoughts

RZM is still new in the business but the strong product line can possible save this MLM business from failure. We find marketing materials very weak as compared to other MLM business nowadays but the simpler compensation plan and pricing gives it a more traditional and simpler impression. This is good for those people who doesn’t want so much complications in life.

For now, it is hard to recommend. It is hard to promote without that much promotional videos and images online. We don’t even see that much owners’ presence in the online world. MLM owners should at least do some explanation of the business themselves and let the member use it for promotion. That would probably come but for now, members are relying on their own promotion strategies.

RZM maybe good as a retailing business but not yet as MLM.

Raisedherbs Zion Marketing (RZM)




Price Value


Marketing Materials


Product marketability



  • Simple MLM Model
  • Affordable Membership Price
  • Good Products


  • New MLM
  • Lack of Marketing Materials Online
  • Lack of Owners Presence Online

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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