PlanProMatrix Review: Behind the Scene Facts

PlanProMatrix Review
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There are lots of PlanProMatrix review posts around the internet and most of them say PlanProMatrix is a scam. Let’s go deeper than those articles and see through behind the scene. Is PPM really a scam?

What is PlanProMatrix or PPM?

PlanProMatrix Online Co. or simply PPM is a network marketing company that’s commonly known for providing its members an e-loading business and a home-based data entry job through typing captcha.

It was founded and registered in SEC in 2013 by Mark George B. Naval (CEO) and Junnel Millano (Operations Manager)

Looking at PlanProMatrix website, it claims to be a growing online affiliate business that provide income generating platform to people with 24/7 income monitoring. .

PlanProMatrix Review

Basic Information

  • Company Name: PlanProMatrix Online Co.
  • Company Registration Date: July 12, 2013
  • Founders: Mark George B. Naval and Junnel Millano
  • Business Category: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Products Category: e-Loading and Data-entry Job
  • Flagship Product: None
  • Best For: Mom’s, Students, Part-timers, and OFWs
  • Membership Price: ₱600 to ₱1,850

Membership Options

There are two membership options.

  1. Starter Package (₱600)
  2. Premium Package (₱1,850)

Unfortunately, there is no free option in PlanProMatrix.

As a starter member, you’ll get:

  • e-loading business
  • data-entry software
  • ad credits
  • unlimited texting local and abroad
  • 6 ways to earn as advertising agent
    • 2×1 matrix and follow me
    • unilevel bonus
    • direct and indirect referral
    • 3 passup bonus
    • Binary paring bonus
    • Monthly Profit Sharing

As a premium member, you will get:

  • all benefits of starter member
  • table of exit

Ways To Earn in PlanProMatrix

1. e-Loading System

  • Eligible members: Starter and Premium
  • This is basically a mobile loading business. You can load all known mobile networks in the Philippines. This has added benefit of referral system. See below video for detailed explanation.
  • In my opinion, e-loading business is now crowded and people starts to discover new and convenient ways to buy mobile prepaid load. Most people now buy prepaid load through more convenient ways like Grab app, Paymaya, Gcash and even bank mobile application (BDO, BPI etc). Filipinos of middle status are also fund of postpaid plan where they can get high end mobile device at a cheaper price or even for free.

2. Data-Entry Job

  • Eligible members: Starter and Premium
  • As a member you can install a program provided by the PPM where you can type CAPTCHA to earn money.
  • CAPTCHA means Complete Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a type of challenge response test to determine whether or not the user is human. See below video and see how this works
  • CAPTCHA encoding is so boring to do and takes a lot of your time to earn a very small amount. There maybe some PlanProMatrix members who would say you can earn 200 to 300 USD in a month if you can type fast. That’s a lie. A lot if members experience slow loading of images and won’t even earn 1 USD in a span of 4 hours of non-stop encoding. This definitely isn’t the way to succeed in this business.

3. Referrals System

  • Eligible members: Starter and Premium
  • Aside from e-Loading and Data entry, you have six (6) other ways to earn as “Advertising Agent” in PPM. This is where you make a lot more money by referring people, the common denominator of MLM companies.

A. 2×1 Matrix System (Video 3:10) and Follow Me (Video 5:38)

  • PlanProMatrix members earn ₱300 for every two referrals in 2×1 Matrix system.
  • Under Follow Me, members also earn another ₱300 whenever their downlines referred their respective binary.
  • Each activated binary earning ₱300 is called cycle. There is a 15 cycle limit per day per account. That’s a potential income of as much as ₱4,500 per day.

B. 3 Pass Up Bonus or Pass3Unli (Video 10:48)

  • PPM member earns ₱50 for his every 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and onwards direct recruits while the Upline earns Php50.00 from the former’s 1st, 3rd, and 5th referrals.

C. Unilevel Bonus (Video 12:53)

  • PPM member earns ₱5 for every referral and the referrals of his downlines up to the 10th level;

D. Activate Binary Direct Referral (Video 14:06)

  • PPM member can earn ₱30 for every direct downline that activates their respective binary.

E. Binary Matching Bonus (Video 16:06)

  • PPM members can earn ₱100 whenever a pair or match of their downlines from left and right activated their respective binary.

F. Profit sharing (Video 18:33)

  • Every month, PPM appropriates a certain portion of membership fee (₱50) into a fund used for profit sharing.
  • To be qualified for profit sharing, PPM member is required to refer 5 direct downlines every month.

4. Table of Exit (Video 24:09)

  • Eligible members: Premium Only
  • PPM Premuim member can earn a lot more from this premium exclusive benefit, table of exit. You can imagine a table with you at the top. When you or your downline fills up the position up to the 4th level (14 people), you exit the table, earn a centain amount, and gets a second table which you need to fill in again to earn far better than the previous table.
    • Exit Table 1, earn ₱3,000
    • Exit Table 2,.earn ₱10,000
    • Exit Table 3,.earn ₱30,000
    • Exit Table 4,.earn ₱100,000
    • Exit Table 5,.earn ₱500,000

Sign up Process

To sign up to PlanProMatrix, just follow below steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Your sponsor or the person who invited you to PPM should give you his sponsor ID. Input the sponsor ID and click register.
  3. Double check the name in the pop up and click “Yes Continue”.
  4. Fill up the PPM membership form and click “Register”. .

After registration, you have 4 options to pay.

  • BPI
  • BDO
  • Palawan Express
  • M Lhuillier

Note that there is no cash on delivery here since there is no product to ship. You are actually paying for the system and the membership unlike other MLM business like my one of the recommended Salveo World.

Click here for the detailed information about payment process.

Account Maintenance

Once you signup, your membership if lifetime. You don’t need to buy products maintain ACTIVE status of your account. This is one good thing about online based network marketing business. They are more likely to maintain inactive members account as long as the company is operating

Home-base Potential

PPM can be done purely from home. Since there is no physical product to sell, there is no product shipment. Everything is software-base.

It’s best for those who wants to stay from home like moms who needs to take care of their children at home.

Social Media Presence

I’m not sure if the Facebook page named PLANPROMATRIX is their official Facebook page but this has the most likes when you do a search.

As of writing, their Facebook page has reach 21K likes, with 114 recommendation. In my opinion, this is a bit low for a business operating since 2013. Checking the page, creation date is May 22, 2016 so I doubt this is the official one. There could be none.

Overall rating shows 4.4/5. I don’t rely that much on Facebook page rating for networking company as most of these ratings are from PPM members when they’re on the hype of doing the business.

Last post was made June 2016 so this means the page is no longer active. If you consider the creation date, it has been active for only two months.

Marketing Materials

There is no link to any training materials in the account page so I guess the training and materials are provided by group or teams. So training will be different depending on the group you are in.

Most of the members promotes the data entry job and e-loading business through Facebook. I can see some websites and a lot of YouTube videos promoting the business.

I can say that this business is promoted mostly online and not the traditional networking style.

Legitimacy Checklist

To be able to identify whether this business is legit, let’s take a look at below checklist and see if this business is legally operating and will possibly operate in the long run.

1. Is there a product?

  • I would say No.
  • PPM members will tell that their product is the CAPTCHA typing software but this doesn’t count here. Product should be available to public and exclusively attached to the companies name. The public can only identify PlanProMatrix matrix as an e-loading business unlike Salveo World, AIM Global and Usana where they are known for there exclusive products. In this case, if people stop recruiting member, the business would just fall apart as there no product to produce revenue.

2. Are founders disclosed?

  • Yes, PlanProMatrix founders are Mark George B. Naval and Junnel Millano.
  • Some network marketing business doesn’t show the faces of their founders so this is a plus point to PlanProMatrix.

3. Is this registered in SEC?

Yes, the company is registered in SEC as PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. In fact the SEC has posted a notice warning everyone to exercise caution when joining PPM.

In view thereof, the public is hereby advised to exercise caution before investing in these kinds of activities and to take the necessary precaution in dealing with PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. or its representatives.

Click here to view the full page SEC notice.

4. Is there existing office?

  • No, they don’t have physical office. They do have online office as mentioned in they official website, though. Being a 100% Online business does not mean, you should not get a physical office. Salveo World is also 100% online business but they mange to provide a physical office open for members during regular office hours.

5. Is there a safety net?

  • Yes, there is a safety net of ₱4,500 per day. Safety net sets the maximum daily earnings limits per day. This could be one of what keeps PlanProMatrix still in business today.

6. Are the products marketable?

  • Since there is no product, there is nothing to market. E-loading is not exclusive to PlanProMatrix.

Final Thought: Is PPM Really a Scam?

I cannot say it’s a scam. The company seems honest as to what they do and they pay right. I personally know people getting paid and succeed in doing this business.

Members could make it look like as scam due to unethical ways of doing the business. It’s become the nature of network marketing.

But if you ask me if this is a recommended network marketing business, I would say NO. It is crowded and is hard to market nowadays. The business of loading and data entry is no longer in the trend and there is not much material to properly market the business.

If you want to know what’s on trend nowadays, you can check out my review of Salveo World. It’s a combination of e-commerce like Lazada and Multi-level Marketing business so it’s worth checking out.

If you have any question, just comment below.





Price Value


Marketing Materials


Product Marketability



  • Cheaper option for MLM business
  • Can be done purely online


  • No exclusive product
  • Crowded e-Loading business
  • Low paying data entry job
  • Lack of marketing materials for an online business
  • No social media official pages, no physical office

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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