PHB Worx Review: 4 in 1 Business Scam?

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Multi-level Marketing (MLM) has changed in a lot of ways. It has evolved to “not just network marketing” but a combination of businesses to provide more opportunities to earn money. This PHB Worx review will be talking about this evolved form of MLM business.

What is PHB Worx?

PHB Worx is a combination of 4 businesses: Network Marketing, Traditional Business, eCommerce and a Community. It aims to be the Alibaba counterpart in the network marketing world.

Currently, PHB Worx market is only available in the Philippines but they are planning to expand on the following countries:

  • Ghana
  • Ivory Coast
  • Nigeria
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Cameroon
  • Solomon Islands
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Macao
  • France

PHB Worx is one of the few MLM business that caters a wide range of people. Aside from 4 types of businesses covered, they attract people from the poorest to the richest group. People can join for as low as ₱300 for those who are on tight budget. They also offer as high as ₱149,999 packages suitable for rich people.

Basic Information

  • Company Name: PHB Worx Internation Inc.
  • Company Registration Date: Unable to get clear DTI copy
  • Founder: Mark Carriaga
  • Launch Date: Around Q1 2019 (Unable to find exact date)
  • Business Category: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Products Category: Health and Beauty Products
  • Flagship Product: None
  • Best For: Business Minded People
  • Membership Price: ₱999 or ₱149,999

Membership Options

There are a lot of membership to choose from in PHB Worx. They have as low as ₱300 worth of package which aims to target those on a tight budget. They also have one of the most expensive package we’ve seen for one account in a network marketing business that goes up to ₱149,999.

However, the good thing about these packages is that you can choose the products that you want worth the price of your investment.

The price of your package will depend on the Business Volume (BV) of your chosen package. Each product of PHB works has its own BV. The total of your products choice should be at lease equal to the BV of your choicen package.

There are 7 packages you can choose from: Quick Start (199BV), Trial, Starter (4,999BV), Basic (8,999BV), Superior (39,999BV), Premier (79,999BV) and Elite (149,999BV). Each package comes with the maximum daily earnings that limits how much each members can earn. Quick Start package has a maximum income of ₱600 per day. Below are the details for the other six packages.

All these packages can be upgraded to the next higher package (except Elite Package). Also, depending on the package of choice, you will get access to Basic to Exclusive access to PHB Success Institute.

Product List

Below are the products of PHB Worx with its Retail price and BV equivalent.

You will notice some of the products have Q in its name. Q means Quantum which basically mean products were produced with scalar energy. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling pathogens such as virus, bacteria, parasite, protozoan, amoeba, prion, thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. (Source: VoiceAmerica)

PHB Worx has also partnered with different business so members can earn as well when members and referrals spends on those partner businesses. Two of the knowns business they partnered with are Shell and St. Peter.

4 Ways to Earn in PHB Worx

Ways to earn is pretty straight forward for PHB Works. There is only 4 ways which are easy to understand unlike other MLM where they complicate ways to earn to make it appear there are lots of ways to earn in the company. This is good since its easier to explain to prospects.

Below are the 4 ways to earn.

  1. Direct Sales Commission – 15% commission for every product sold.
  2. Sales Match Commission – 10% of binary match from left and right group.
  3. Redundant Sales Match Commission – 10% of repeat purchases up to infinity level (daily cap applies based on package of your choice)
  4. Company shares

There are optional ways to earn a lot more income in PHB Worx. This is through purchase of what they call Fast Track Packages which allows you to get the following benefits:

1. No pairing limit per day
2. No income limit per day
3. Anytime Cash out, no minimum

Here are the options.

  • Fast track Mini package – ₱2499
    • ₱750 Pairing Bonus
    • ₱112 Direct Sales Bonus
  • Fast track Jr package – ₱3,999
    • ₱1,750 Pairing Bonus
    • ₱269 Direct Sales Bonus
  • Fast Track Sr package – ₱7,840
    • ₱3,500 Pairing Bonus
    • ₱500 Direct Sales Bonus

As a safety net, a members are required to reactivate after 7 pairs. Reactivation means you need to do another purchase of the same package. You can avail up to 6 cycle package at a time.

Online Automation

Like any modern MLM businesses today, PHB Worx uses replicated link that members can just share in any platform such as social media. As a result, members can easily automate this business if they know how to setup a website that can work 24/7.

I highly suggest Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn how to make a website and how to attract prospect that would work for you 24/7.

Click here to sign-up for free. If you want more details, click here for a detailed guide on how Wealthy Affiliate works.

Online Integrity

PHB Worx has been present in the online world for quite some time now. They started with the half baked system and currently started to see it grow as a full fledged automated system better that most MLM system in the market.

They now have partnered with the well known companies like Shell and continuously adding more partners in the system.

Through their official Facebook page with around 3K likes, you’ll get an idea on how this company grow from January 2019 first meetup up to the current setup.

As of writing, there is no known complains about PHB Worx. They seem to be taking a slow but careful steps to make sure companies reputation stays good which a good thing about an MLM company.

Legitimacy Check

Since this is a new MLM company, it is very important to check some points to prove this business as legitimate and not just trying to steal your hard earn money. Let check some points.

1. Is there a product?

  • Yes, there are a lot of products. They also partnered with other businesses so members can earn by usage of other’s business products and services.

2. Are founders disclosed?

  • Yes, the founder is Mark Carriaga and he’s been seen in most fo the marketing videos. Below marketing plan was explained by the CEO himself.

3. Is this registered in SEC?

  • Yes, there are registration documents for PHB Worx. Unfortunately, the documents available online isn’t clear enough to read the details.

4. Is there an existing office?

  • Yes, there is an existing office where meetings and trainings are done.

5. Is there a safety net?

Yes, daily earning have limit depending on what package is availed as discussed in the previous sections. Also, the company is strict with one account per person policy. Below memo was sent to members to ensure one account policy is followed.

Final Thought

PHB Worx is a combination of businesses but it is still more of a Network Marketing business since members will still rely on binary system to maximize the earnings potential. Currently, they are still growing and there are lots of plans still in queue. This is a good sign that a company is serious about this business.

The compensation plan and the business model looks simple and attractive as well so this won’t be hard to offer to people. Plus, the CEO himself as part of the marketing plan, explains most of the details through a marketing video.

Still, new MLM company is a risk to take if you plan to join this MLM business. But it looks like this is a good company to invest with if you are a risk taker and enjoys being a pioneer member of the a business.

PHB Worx




Price Value


Marketing Materials


Product Marketability



  • Price suitable for all levels
  • Strong and dedicated CEO
  • More than just an MLM


  • New MLM Company (Risky)

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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