How to Succeed in AIM Global Using the Power of Internet

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When you get invited to join AIM Global, you are presented with the traditional way of doing networking business. But nowadays, there are lots of ways on how to succeed in AIM Global. Internet is growing and no doubt one of the best ways succeed in any business, but the hard question is, HOW?

The quick answer to this question is to create a nice website that people can easily find in Google and other search engines. By doing this, finding prospects gets fully automated.

Sounds simple but this isn’t actually that simple. Without proper guidance on how to do this, one would quickly fail and quit. It requires time and patience and most importantly, a great place to learn and collaborate with successful people.

Good thing, there is already an online platform that caters every bit of knowledge and tools needed in building a successful website without even knowing a single code.

This online platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, from the name itself, Wealthy Affiliate focuses on affiliate marketing. An affiliate is someone who sells other’s product to earn a certain percentage of earnings called commission.

Note: If you want to learn more about the features of Wealthy Affiliate, check out our full review, Wealthy Affiliate Review: A Perfect Place for Hardworking People Online.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

To give you a better idea on how affiliate marketing work, look at below diagram:

affiliate marketing diagram
  1. The process starts with customer searching in search engine like Google.
  2. Google shows your website in the search result. The customer clicks your website and reads your website content.
  3. The customer clicks a link in your website and directed to a product page like Amazon.
  4. When the customer purchase the product, you earn a commission.

That’s the power of internet today. You just need to let people click your unique link called affiliate link and the system will register the commission under your name.

Later, we are going to talk about how you can use this process in selling your AIM Global products and inviting people to AIM Global business.

Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, very well explained these steps in detail in below video. (The video will open in a new tab, just close the login form if you are ask to login then click the play button to watch the video)

Note that the process of earning the affiliate commissions are fully automated. Once you’re fully setup, you just need to wait for emails about your commission earnings for the product or business you’ve promoted. You just need to focus on building contents, contents that’s properly done to get searchable in search engine. Wealthy affiliate will teach you how and it’s not as hard as it sound.

You can now imagine the difference if you compare this to AIM Global. The traditional AIM Global business requires you to do follow-ups and convincing people to join, something that they usually think as scam even though we know how great AIM Global is in terms of opportunity and benefits regardless of whether you pursue it or not.

How Long is Wealthy Affiliate Doing Its Business?

I just want to note that Wealthy Affiliate just recently opened its services to Philippines and 8 more countries last February 2019 so if you’re seeing this post in 2019, you can be one of the successful pioneer Filipinos in Wealthy Affiliate in no time.

Jut to make it clear, this doesn’t mean that Wealthy Affiliate is just a new platform in this business. Wealthy Affiliate has been operating since August 2005. This means the founder and trainors here have mastered what works and what’s not about affiliate marketing. And they’ve compiled all those experience into an easy to follow training videos exclusive for Wealthy Affiliate members.

Why Wealthy Affiliate didn’t want to do business in Philippines before?

It’s a bit sad to know that Philippines was tagged as one of those countries with high number of fraud activities in the online world. But, thanks to the founders Kyle and Carson, all the countries banned in Wealthy Affiliate has been granted access with the exception of Nigeria.

Well, enough with the history. Let’s talk more about how Wealthy Affiliate will boost your AIM Global business.

How Can Wealthy Affiliate Help Me With AIM Global?

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that you are not restricted to a specific niche. When you say niche, this means the main topic of your website like health solutions, gaming or a more specific niche like cat grooming or baby toys reviews.

There are actually no limits as to what niche you want to talk about your website. But since you are here, I assume you are into network marketing business like AIM Global. For the purpose of this post, AIM Global business and products will be our niche.

Let me tell you why AIM Global is one of the best niche or topic to choose from.

1. Health problem solution is an all time high demand in the online market. According to study, there are four major categories people are searching around the web: hobbies, health and fitness, relationship, and money & wealth. AIM Global products goes under health and fitness. This means a lot of people are looking for health solutions, therefore, more people are searching and buying health related products.

2. AIM Global products profit ranges from 25% to 50%. Each AIM Global product you sell earns you a great profit. For other niches in Wealthy Affiliate, most affiliate marketers use Amazon as their main source of commission simply because it’s famous, a lot of people know about it and its easier to be approved as an affiliate. In Amazon, most people only earn 8% commissions (or a bit higher for some).

3. AIM Global products are very well-known not only in the Philippines but worldwide especially it’s breakthrough product C24/7 Natura-ceuticals. People searching in Google definitely has higher rate of conversion because they’re already looking for the product and you don’t need such heavy convincing to open their mind about the product or business that you sell. When I say rate of conversion, it means the chances of people to buy products or services. Higher conversion rate means higher profit.

See, just by looking at the benefits would really makes one so excited on this new way of doing Network Marketing online. Basically, what we are going to do is to use the best Affiliate Marketing methods and principles provided by Wealthy Affiliate to sell high profit products and business offered by AIM Global network marketing business.

AIM Global Affiliate Link is Called Replicated Link

At AIM Global, affiliate link is called replicated link. Not all network marketing company offers the use of affiliate link to sell their products and services. It is actually AIM Global who first introduced this innovative system in network marketing history.

The system is called AIMR2ME which stands for AIM Recruitment and Retailing Made Easy launched last January 2018.

The replicated link from your AIMR2ME accounts works in the same way as other affiliated links. You just need to put the link in your website. When someone clicks on it, the system will be able to identify you as the referrer. Once the person buys an AIM Global product through your replicated link, the profit goes to your account automatically.

Here is a sample product replicated link:

Some buyers tend to become easily open-minded and easier to join the business because they already know that products really work. There is a special replicated link in your AIMR2ME account that goes to a page where someone can buy a complete package. When someone clicks that link and purchase the package online, he/she automatically becomes your direct referral.

Here is a sample business package replicated link:

Watch the launch of AIMR2ME and how this system works in below video.

We have explained the system features and how you can get access to this system in a separate post: AIM Global Innovation: What is R2ME?.

What is Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

When you signup in Wealthy Affiliate which is totally FREE, you will be presented with a Facebook like profile page where all of your activities and activities of people you follow are presented as news feeds.

Wealthy Affiliate Profile screen

People inside Wealthy Affiliate are all like minded people. I haven’t actually met rude once unlike in Facebook where everybody wants to bash people.

Click here to signup and see it for yourself.

As a new member, first thing you will notice is that everything is so light and positive: the ambiance, the content and how everything is setup. You are even guided on how to start setting up your profile. Then few moments after completing the simple steps in completing your profile, real people start welcoming you. Note that they don’t get anything for doing that, they are just nice people who are willing to help because wealthy affiliate has helped them so much.

You will even receive a private message from the founders Kyle and Carson themselves. It’s an automated message so not match to praise about.

The message will point you to where you need to start. It will simply point out to start with training videos about doing the affiliate marketing business.

I’m telling you, these videos are easy to follow that you’ll be able to follow even if you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before. It’s definitely designed to teach complete beginners in affiliate marketing business.

Every video tutorial is within an articles so if your wondering where the video is, just scroll down a bit. The context of the article is the same with what’s in the video tutorial so you can just skip to the video if you are super excited and want to start right away.

Just make sure to complete every task at the end of the tutorial. That will be beneficial to make sure you understand everything.

Complete the task screen

Aside from training videos, there is a lot to do and enjoy inside wealthy affiliate. The community is very active. Just post a questions and in few moments, you’ll get answers.

Want a faster answer to your question? Use the live help feature, it’s right at the bottom of the menu.

At the middle of your profile page are posts about people’s experiences, questions or helpful tips from new and long time members of Wealthy Affiliate. This is like the news feeds equivalent in Facebook.

It’s just a lot different in Wealthy Affiliate, everything is positive and contributes to your success by learning from others’ tips and mistakes. Make sure you read some post from time to time for some inspirations and new learning.

There’s a lot more to explore but I’ll leave the rest to you. It’s better you are experience it yourself.

Below is a more detailed walk-through in case you want to see it in more action.

Kyle WA Walkthrough

If you want to start now for free, click here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories and Recent Reviews

When you started using Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will start seeing people post their latest achievements in Wealthy Affiliate. This is one good thing about Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone is free to post whatever they want even to brag for their achievement which is a good thing to help people get inspired.

Here are few success stories we’ve compiled for you:

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I remember the days a bit over 1 and a half years ago when I started my journey here at WA. I remember the post that I made about my goals and my goal was to make $1500 per month at the 1 ½ year mark. Well I've more than surpassed it making $4000-5500 per month now. I've learned a lot from other sources also and implemented their strategies and it has paid off. But WA has given the absolute basics that you should have in pristine condition all the other things are just icing on the cake so to say. Continue reading.
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So this is my 6th year in this online game and I absolutely love it. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since August of 2013. I has not only been a source of income but also a great tool I go back to. I have to admit that I have not been on here in awhile, but better late then never. I decided to post some of my daily earnings everyday from now on because I think it's super important to show the true possibilities of what can be done if your consistent. Continue reading.
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This is my last money post until I hit 10k, which I expect to happen this up coming fall. I made a little over $4500 in commissions from Amazon and this came from 1269 sales and 39,000 unique clicks from Google. Don't worry if you're not getting the same results as me. This is the 7th month of my website but I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 and half years now. Continue reading.

If you’re looking for the most recent reviews of wealthy affiliate from the users themselves, click here.

Things to Consider Before Signing Up

Basically, to get started, you need the following:

1. Working computer. It can be an old laptop or a desktop computer with Windows 7 or earlier versions recommended. If you plan on doing this through mobile phone, that won’t work.

2. A good internet connection. Slow internet maybe usable but I suggest you get a good connection since you will need to watch videos. It would only give you stress if the video stuck in the middle of excitement during training.

3. Basic Computer Knowledge. You need to at least have knowledge on how to use a computer. You don’t need to know any coding or programming language. You can build a website without knowing a single code. That is what’s good about Wealthy Affiliate, it provides everything under the hood meaning, the system takes care of the heavy coding for you.

4. Patience. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time before you rip off your reward. It usually takes 3 to 6 months before you start seeing sales. You may opt to do the traditional AIM Global business strategy while building your website if you have the time and the character to do so. If you don’t have the patience to work without a reward in the first few months, this is not for you.

If you are sure you got all the about, it’s time to get started.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate is totally FREE to join and you get a bunch for features as a free member. There is no time limit for being a free member. You can be a member for as long as you want.

The founders, Kyle and Carson, specifically stated that they have no plans of changing this setup so you can rest assured that you’ll get your website up and running for as long as you want.

What will you get as a free member? These are basically the features you’ll get. If you don’t understand some of these, don’t worry.

1. Easy to follow step by step video training
2. Easy website setup using (not the
3. Up to 2 free website (via SiteRubix)
4. Personal blogging within Wealthy Affiliate
5. 2 Training Classrooms access
6. Access to community support
7. Keyword research tool (limited searches)
8. Free for life membership

and more…

If you have a website name in mind, you can try below to if the name is available. Just try it, its FREE.

While being a free member is more than enough to get you started earning with Wealthy Affiliate, there is an optional premium membership that will open more advance features. I suggest you upgrade to premium member once you started earning enough.

The premium membership cost $49 per month and is currently cutting off $30 in your first month if you upgrade your free membership. There is also a cheaper way to avail by choosing to pay the full year. If you want to learn more about premium membership and additional features, click here.

If you are into AIM Global business, you probably know that AIM Global Membership cost ₱6,980 which include a lot of benefits and products worth more than this amount.

Still not an AIM Global member and planning to use Wealthy Affiliate, click here

There is one additional cost we need to tell you. This is just one time and I don’t even agree with AIM Global charging you this cost but this is currently the setup.

Unfortunately, in order for you to use AIMR2ME, you need to pay ₱2,800. This includes a set of products worth the equal amount.

Click here to know more on how to get access to AIMR2ME and the products included in ₱2,800 additional investment.

Sorry for this additional cost. We just hope AIM Global realize the benefits if they include this as additional benefit of the ₱6,980 package.

To sum it up, here are the cost you need to consider if you plan to use AIM Global.

1. AIM Global Membership – ₱6,980
2. AIMR2ME System – ₱2,800
3. Wealthy Affiliate – FREE

I just want to point out that you can do Wealthy Affiliate completely free if you choose not to use AIM Global as your niche. You can signup to Amazon affiliate program for free which will be discussed during Wealthy Affiliate training.

Click here to signup now. .

Final Thought: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It for AIM Global Business?

Wealthy affiliate is absolutely worth it. It’s free so there’s nothing to lose. It’s all about taking new opportunities and learning new things to level up. You just need patience and a proper mindset.

Don’t expect so much in the first few months of working with your website. Just follow the training and you’ll get there in no time.

If you’ve got AIM Global membership, it’s best to use this as your niche. AIM Global membership doesn’t expire and there is no sales quota so AIM Global is a perfect match to Wealthy Affiliate that takes time to build up.

Once you got this all set properly, this will surely be a lifetime PASSIVE INCOME.

Goodluck 🙂

Feel free to comment below if you have questions or clarifications. See you at Wealthy Affiliate community 🙂

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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    1. Hi Marilyn, that’s good to know. Feel free to create your free account and see things for yourself. You’ll never go wrong with choosing to Wealthy Affiliate to maximize your business. If you have more questions, you can ask me anytime inside WA. Upon signing up, I will send you a welcome email, from there you can contact me anytime if you need help. Click here to signup under my referral link. See you inside WA 🙂

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