How to Start Dropshipping in the Philippines

How to Start Dropshipping Business in the Philippines
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In today’s era, shopping online is currently the trend and a lot of Filipinos consider selling online to take advantage of this situation. The problem is, selling online requires shipping of products which is both costly and too much of work for an individual who just want to start business right away. This is where dropshipping in the Philippines comes to the rescue.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the process of shipping products from manufacturer or merchant directly to the customer without going through the usual distribution process.

It is simply getting someone do the packing and shipping on your behalf. This means you won’t be stocking inventory and have no control of it at the same time. But this makes you focus on promoting products and remove the hassle of processing orders.

Benefits of Dropshipping

Lower risk of loss

  • Since you don’t keep any inventory, there won’t be upfront payments to stock inventories. This means if product becomes out of trend, you won’t be losing revenue because of excess stocked inventory.

Lower Cost

  • Most dropshipping products come from manufacturing company themselves. That means less handling cost and less markup.


  • The hassle of packing and shipping the product is taken care of for you. You can then focus in promoting the products either through social media or other means. This means you’ll have more time to promote and more profit to earn.


  • You can switch products to promote easily in a dropshipping business. Test products that appeal to the market and provide more to keep with the customers demand. With dropshipping, you have virtually unlimited inventory.

Best Dropshipping Company in the Philippines

You may have heard good things about dropshipping but unfortunately, there are very few options here in the Philippines. Most good options are based on other countries like AliExpress, eSources and Chinabrands. I personally tried AliExpress but unfortunately, shipping time takes too long and most of the time, products are delivered in a post office instead of your doorstep which is very frustrating.

If you are leaving in the Philippines, a good dropshipping company should be:

  • Contains a wide variety of products
  • Fast in delivering products
  • Legally registered and easy to join
  • Based in the Philippines and not any other part of the world

This is where Technowise360 comes in.

What is Technowise360?

Technowise360 is an e-commerce business like Lazada legally registered in the Philippines in May 6, 2013. It currently sells a wide variety of products from watches, beauty products, clothing, health products and even coffee products.

They do have option for cash on delivery (COD) which is a good sign as most customers prefer to pay only when product is received.

Like any other e-commerce business, Technowise360 occasionally offers discounts and promos. In face, they are offering ₱300 discount for all new customer on their first purchase.

You can check out this link to see if this offer is still available.

How Dropshipping Products in Technowise360 Works

Dropshipping in Technowise360 is actually the same as all other dropshipping companies except that Tecnowise360 made it easier for distributor by providing them replicated website.

The process starts with a customer opens your website and buys some products. Technowise360 ships the product and collects the payment. Once payment and delivery is verified, your commission is automatically credited to your account.

To make it more visual, below diagram shows the workflow.

How to Apply as Distributor of Technowise360

To apply as reseller or distributor of Technowise360 products with dropshipping options, simple create an account using the button below.

Below video explains the signup process and funding of e-Wallet.

Once you’ve got your account, you need to activate your account by paying the membership fee. Below video explains this process.

Before we talk about the membership fee, let’s list down everything you’ll get when you become distributor of Technowise360.

  1. A replicated website that you can access using this format
  2. ₱2,500 worth of health and beauty products
  3. 30% profit on every sale
  4. Access to e-Loading portal
  5. Access to e-Academy (Free Training)
  6. Access to Facebook group community

A replicated website is your personal online store. If someone clicks on your website like, any products sold in your website will be credited to you and you earn the 30% profit.

Take note that everything is done for you by the company, from packing, shipping products and up to billing the customer.

You just share your website and you earn when someone buys something. That’s the power of 100% online business with dropshipping.

Another way to do this is to shop on behalf of your customer. You will login to your website, search and buy the products on behalf of your customer. There is a dropshipping option when your ready to ship the product. This is best if your customer is not comfortable with using e-commerce website.

Now, let’s talk about the membership fee.

Membership Fee

If you set this all up by yourself, it would cost you more or less ₱50,000 pesos which we all know is to expensive, right?

Good thing, Technowise360 won’t charge you this much. Not even ₱25,000, or even ₱10,000.

You can avail all these benefits of only ₱2,500 and this includes ₱2,500 worth of health and beauty products. It’s like buying your initial inventory and getting signed up for FREE with all these benefits.

Wait There’s More…

Last July 27, 2018, Technowise360 put up a marketing system they call Salveo World which aims to increase designed to change the way network marketing is being done here in the Philippines. It is one of the first 100% Online Network Marketing System in the Philippines.

Salveo World - Learn the Power of Online Business

With Salveo World, you’ll get more ways to earn other than selling the products. You’ll actually get a total of 15 Ways to Earn.

The video below will show you how you can earn with this new marketing system.

Wait, before I show the video, let me tell you, this system is already included in your ₱2,500 membership fee. So no need to worry about any upfront fees. It’s FREE for all members.

Plus, you’ll get another replicated website for promoting the business:

Let’s cut to the chase, here is the video.

Final Thoughts: It’s a Great Opportunity!

Technowise360 and SalveoWorld will surely be the next big thing. A combination of e-Commerce with dropshipping and a Network Marketing System that is fully 100% online that none other business have tried before.

Lazada and Shoppe, the leading the e-Commerce businesses, are both very well accepted by shopers which just show that online e-Commerce business is a booming industry.

If there is a good time to start your e-Commerce business, now is the right time.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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