How to Join AIM Global Philippines: Cash on Delivery

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Cash on Delivery (COD) is the safest way to make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned money during the process of joining AIM Global. Let us show you how to join AIM Global using Cash on Delivery method.

If you’ve ever been invited into a network marketing business before, I guess you know how to join AIM Global the typical way. You’ll be invited in a place like coffee shop usually by group or on a one on one session. This is no longer the scenario on most of network marketers in the Philippines.

Nowadays, network marketers use Facebook and other social media sites to invite random people. Most of the time, these people are not within the vicinity of AIM Global offices.

In this case, if a person wanted to join AIM Global, the only way is to send money via third party money transfer.

This creates opportunity for fraud. People should be careful sending money to strangers. There are lots of scammers out there and you don’t know when are you going to meet one.

If you are one of those people who wants to join AIM Global and is hesitant to send money, you can now join AIM Global by paying only when the global package is received. AIM Global now sends your products and packages though Cash on Delivery (COD).

AIM R2ME System: Nationwide Cash On Delivery

There is now a system called R2ME (Recruitment and Retailing Made Easy) launched by AIM Global in January 2018. AIM Global created it’s own courier that delivers anywhere in the Philippines. So whether you want to buy an AIM Global product or avail a distributor package, AIM Global can send it to you via Cash on Delivery anywhere in the Philippines.

Here’s the launching video of AIM Global R2ME System in January 2018.

Steps to Avail AIM Global Package (Cash on Delivery)

To become an official distributor of AIM Global, here are the steps to avail one Global Package through Cash on Deliver (COD).

1. Click here to be directed to a sales page. Then, click “I’M INTERESTED” button

2. You will be presented with an order form. Fill out the necessary information for Billing & Shipping Info. Please double check and make sure everything is correct. Under the Payment Option section, select “Cash On Delivery” if not yet pre-selected.

3. In Order Summary section, select the Global Package you want to avail. Note that GP means Global Package. If you haven’t decided yet which package you want to avail, click here to see what’s included in each packages. Click “PLACE YOUR ORDER” if your good with your selection and the total amount. We’ll talk about the fees on the next section.

4. Congratulations. You have successfully placed your order.

Once completed, please wait 3 to 5 days (if within Metro Manila) or up to 7 days (if outside Metro Manila). An agent will contact you to confirm the purchase. Just give your confirmation for them to start processing the delivery.

If you have questions regarding the delivery of your package, AIM Global customer service will be happy to answer your queries. Here are the contact details:

3 Types of Fees

You will notice, there are 3 types of fees in the Order Summary section.

  1. Shipping fee.
    • This is the fee for shipment of your package. The amount depends on shipping location ranging from ₱170-₱300.
  2. Insurance Fee.
    • This is 1% of the value of the purchase package. Global packages charges ₱69.80. This will give you protection in case the package is loss during shipment. AIM Global will shoulder the loss.
  3. COD Fee.
    • This is 2.5% of the purchase value to cover cash on delivery risks.

Note that you have the option to choose DragonPay or PesoPay if you are not willing to pay the COD fee. These payment methods doesn’t charge any additional fees but you will be required to pay before the package is actually delivered.

What to Do After Package is Received

The package will include an AIM Global Package card the contains an ID Number and a security PIN on the back of the card. This will be used for your registration as official AIM Global distributor.

Please send the code to our Facebook Messenger account –

As soon as we received the code, we are going to process your registration and we will provide the default login details to your Data Tracking Center. Note that this step is necessary before you can finally become an official AIM Global Distributor.

Test your login credential by logging in below link.

If you’ve successfully logged in, congratulations, you are now officially an AIM Global Distributor.

What’s next?

Know your benefits as AIM Global distributor if you haven’t done so. Check out: AIM Global Benefits.

Want to learn how to automate your business to succeed in AIM Global in the long run? We recommend checking out “How to Succeed in AIM Global using the Power of Internet

If you have questions, feel free to comment below.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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6 thoughts on “How to Join AIM Global Philippines: Cash on Delivery”

  1. I have joined Aim Global and I’ve lost contact of my Mentor: Divani Ruiz because of some technical issues with Facebook.

    Since then we haven’t been contacting its other. Please can you help me get in touch with her.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Dianley,

      May I know what country did you join? If there is an AIM Global office in your location, you can always contact the local number.

      May I know what you’ve tried so far?


        1. Hi Edmund,

          Unfortunately, R2ME for now is available only in the Philippines. Will update the post once R2me can support worldwide.

    1. Hi Sweet Vee, please contact us using the contact page. There is a field where you can provide the FB username. We highly suggest to fill that out so we can contact you as soon as we can.

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