How to Become A Lazada Affiliate (Updated with Tax & Bank Requirements for 2020)

How to Become Lazada Affiliate
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When it comes to online shopping, there is no doubt, Lazada is the most popular among Filipinos. If you’ve at least tried to view or buy once in Lazada, I’m sure you’ve been seeing Lazada ads all around. Now, let’s talk about how you can take advantage of this popularity to give you a way to earn extra income or possibly a complete passive income business (read till the end). How to become a lazada affiliate in 2020? Let’s get started.

What is Lazada?

Lazada is the number one  online shopping and selling platform Southeast Asia. They are currently present in 6 countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Lazada has over 155,000 sellers with a wide range of product categories and ships products nationwide with a different payment options including Cash on Delivery (COD). Lazada’s after sales is topnotch and they have a very good return policy, one of the reasons people continue to trust online shopping with Lazada.

Well, enough with praises on this awesome innovation and convenient platform for buying stuffs in the internet. Let’s do some earnings.

What is Lazada Affiliate Program?

Before we get into the process of application, it’s good to understand what Lazada Affiliate Program is all about and how everything works.

There are two ways you can earn from Lazada. You can either become a seller or you can be an affiliate partner. We will be talking about the latter, becoming an affiliate partner, which has a lot of benefits as compared to becoming a seller.

  1. You don’t need to own a product.
  2. There is no need for a warehouse to keep your inventories
  3. You won’t need to ship the products
  4. Forget about how to deal with customers 

All you have to do is to make people buy through the affiliate link provided to you by Lazada Affiliate platform. Forget the rest of the process. Lazada will do the rest and credit the commissions on your account as soon as the sales are validated.

How will you make people click the link? There are lot’s of ways. One of the most popular is sharing it through Facebook and other social media sites. This isn’t the most effective way but it still works. If you want to know more about the more effective ways where you don’t need to post in Facebook everyday, I suggest you read this post and follow the free training.

Now, let’s talk about the requirements.

What are the Requirements to Become a Lazada Affiliate?

Lazada has become a little strict when it comes to requirements. They now require BIR and bank documents before you can actually promote Lazada products. Effective August 1, 2020, this new requirements are required to all existing and new affiliate

Here’s the complete list of requirements.

  1. Valid government issued ID (for individuals) / Certificate of Incorporation (for companies)
  2. Bank Certificate
  3. BIR 2303
  4. Blank copy of official receipt
  5. Valid url of personal website or social media account
Lazada Affiliate Requirements

If you want to see sample BIR and Bank documents, you can following this link.

Prior to this new requirement, just an active facebook page is needed to be able to become a Lazada affiliate. And it was easier to be approved since there wasn’t so many people applying back then.

Existing Lazada Affiliates are also required to submit these new BIR and bank requirements, otherwise, account will be deactivated starting August 1, 2020. However, they can reactivate the account when these requirement are submitted after the said deadline.

For some, these new requirements for BIR is a bit of a hassle especially to those employed individuals since they will be forced to file their own income taxes because they will be identified as a mixed income earner.

How to Apply and Become a Lazada Affiliate?

To apply as Lazada affiliate, you need to signup online using below link. It’s very easy if you have the complete requirements. 

Click here to access the online signup form.

Lazada Affiliate Signup

The signup process is divided into 4 sections.

1. Email. Ensure you have a valid email than you can access. Enter the Verification Code that you received through email to proceed to the next step.

Lazada Affiliate Signup 1

2. Sign-up FilterForms. You will be ask with some personal information. At the bottom of the form, you will be ask to upload your IDs and tax documents. This is not a required field so you may skip it and provide the documents later.

Lazada Affiliate Signup 2

3. Bank Info. In this section, you will be ask to provide your banking information. At the bottom of this form, you will be ask to upload your bank requirements. This isn’t a required field as well so you may opt to provide this after the signup process.

Lazada Affiliate Signup 3

4. More Info. The last section will be questions about your website and how you plan to promote your products. Just make sure you make it a bit convincing to increase your change of approval.

Lazada Affiliate Signup 4

Once you’ve completed this forms, you will receive an email confirmation about your application. Expect to receive another email within 2 days on the result of your application.

If you got approved, congratulations. You may now upload the required documents to your account if you haven’t done so. 

Login to your account and go to Account ▶ Bank Info ▶ Edit Account Setting. Upload the documents and wait for further approval within 3 days.

Lazada Affiliate Upload Docs

Final Thoughts: Is the Hassle Worth It?

Becoming a Lazada Affiliate is definitely a good choice if you are into affiliate marketing online business. SInce Lazada is so popular, just sharing affiliate links through facebook will get you started earning a quick extra income online. 

If you could easily get the documents requirement, there’s nothing wrong going through this hassle. But if you are having trouble with the documents, there are a lot of better affiliate program out there. Don’t limit your target within the Philippines, you can market affiliate products to other countries as well.

To start building a real affiliate marketing business, you may consider joining for FREE the best community for affiliate marketers. Here, you will be provided with tools and trainings to build your own affiliate marketing online business together with successful affiliate marketers around the world.  Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate and see it for your self.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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