Bitrade Limited Review: Does CAPTCHA Typing Business Works?

Bitrade Limited
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Captcha typing, as a way to earn extra income, becomes popular nowadays. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) businesses are now using it as one of the ways of earnings and people get easily attracted due to seemingly easy and quick earning nature of captcha typing. But is it worth your precious time and effort? In this Bitrade Limited review, we will not only answer the question, we will dig deeper on what’s behind the secret behind captcha typing.

What is Bitrade Limited?

Bitrade Limited is a UK based company providing captcha typing jobs to various countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Middle East, Russia, Nigeria, Africa, Philippines etc.

Though it’s known as a captcha typing business, Bitrade Limited is an MLM company where you need to invite members to earn what you can really call a passive income.

All earning in Bitrade Limited are in euro currency.

Basic Information:

  • Company Name: Bitrade Limited
  • Company Registration Date: TBD
  • Founder: Mr. Smith
  • Launch Date: TBD
  • Business Category: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Products Category: Online Typing Jobs
  • Flagship Product: None
  • Best For: People looking for data entry jobs (e.g Captcha typing)
  • Membership Price: ₱3,000 or ₱100,000

Membership Options

There are 5 packages to choose from in Bitrade Limited business.

  1. Silver Package
    • Membership cost is ₱3,000
    • 15 Captchas per day
    • Earn ₱2.67 per captcha
  2. Gold Package
    • Membership cost is ₱5,000
    • 20 Captchas per day
    • Earn ₱3.33 per captcha
  3. Platinum Package
    • Membership cost is ₱10,000
    • 25 Captchas per day
    • Earn ₱5.33 per captcha
  4. Diamond Package
    • Membership cost is ₱50,000
    • 50 Captchas per day
    • Earn ₱13.33 per captcha
  5. Premium Package
    • Membership cost is ₱100,000
    • 75 Captchas per day
    • Earn ₱17.77 per captcha

3 Ways to Earn in Bitrade Limited

  1. Captcha Encoding – This is basically typing captcha codes that will give you earning of P0.2666 to P0.6666 per captcha depending on the package you avail.
  2. Direct Referral – 10% commission based on the package availed by your referral.
  3. Pass up Bonus – This is 50% of your direct referrals captcha earnings.

Payout with Bitrade Limited is done weekly every Friday.

What is Captcha? Is It worth the effort?

Since captcha typing is the main service in Bitrade Limited, let’s talk about what really is captcha typing and the reason behind doing it.

If you’ve been using internet for quite some time, you may have encountered CAPTCHA at least once in your life. You usually see this when logging in some websites to check if you are a real person typing the username and password. Its main purpose is to distinguish a human input from a machine input (hacking software).

This is to prevent hackers from hacking your account in a specific website using a hacking software.

So why does companies pay people just to do captcha typing?

Based on our research, it’s because solving captcha gives hackers a way to create a hacking software that can bypass captcha codes used in different websites.

Does that mean solving captcha is unethical? You can say that it is, but most people doing the captcha typing isn’t even aware of it. Note that we didn’t say illegal because it is not. At least not yet because there is no law that prohibits such business.

Still confused? Below video from Neil Yanto very well explains why captcha is unethical.

Now, let’s answer the other question. Is it worthit? Well, let’s just do a simple calculation.

Say you availed the Platinum Package which gives you 25 captchas per day at ₱5.33. You’ll get 133 per day, that’s ₱4,000 in one month.

This is not bad for some people. But if you really want a real income, this is not the best way. As a result, most members will only rely on the recruitment side of this business which is not as easy as it sound. If you’ve join Bitrade Limited because of captcha typing, we can say this isn’t worthit. There are other typing jobs that would give you more than what this captcha typing can give.

Online Automation

Bitrade Limited provides its members a referral link that they can just promote online or provide to their invites through social media. Once a person signs up using the member’s referral link, the system will automatically track the signup as a direct referral of the member.

This is a good opportunity for automation. You can just promote your referral link through social media like Facebook and let your friend signup using your referral link.

But unfortunately, this method is often exhausting and most of the time, people will just ignore these type of promotion. This is because people in social media are mostly interest in socializing rather than business.

The best way to promote this type of business is to create a website that people can search in Google or any search engine. When people search and see your promotion through Google search, they are likely the people who are interested in doing business.

If you want to know the best place to learn, create and earn from a website for free, click here for details.

Online Integrity

We can’t find that much information about this business online. The official website does not even show the word Bitrade Limited which is a bit weird. The official website is called and it doesn’t tell much as well. The social media icons which we expect to direct you to the social media site will only redirect you to their homepage.

There is a chat feature which is good. Someone answered a question when we tried to test it out.

But, there is really no official Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account for Bitrade Limited yet, only official Facebook group for those official members of Bitrade Limited. We don’t know why but maybe it’s still a work in progress. They should have removed the social icons in their website to avoid confusion.

Legitimacy Check

  1. Are the founders disclosed?
    • Yes, the founders’ are disclosed. There are videos proving the existence of the founders.
  2. Is the company registered as a business?
    • This is something we can’t check. Will add info as soon as we get information.
  3. Is there an existing office?
    • There is an existing address on their website but we can’t confirm the existence of an office.
  4. Is there a safety net?
    • Based on the simple structure and very limited ways to earn, this business does not need to impose safety net to survive. Your direct referral bonus and pass up bonus is directly proportional with the number of your direct referrals of each member.
  5. Are the products marketable?
    • For now, captcha typing is easy to market because people sees it as an easy task and anyone can do it as long as they have internet and a device. But on the other hand, this isn’t something people can use or sell to earn so it cannot be considered a product. Most MLM nowadays have products in exchange of your investment amount, most of the time valued equal or more.

Final Thought

Bitrade Limited captcha typing surely is a big hit in the market and the company pays it’s members in a currency of high value. There’s no doubt about that.

But, the biggest concern about the business is the lack of physical product. We don’t see captcha typing software to last for a long time. New security system for websites has been around for quite some time and soon captcha typing will no longer be used. Therefore, businesses relying on captcha typing will need to find a new way to survive.

Also, the fact that captcha typing is unethical based on our research, people will start doubting such business.

We suggest going to a much stable business or MLM if you haven’t joined this business yet. In any case, we always suggest learning how to build a search engine friendly website so no matter what business you do, it would be easier to get customers or prospects. Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect all in one place for building a website, complete with trainings, hosting tools and great supports. If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click here.

Bitrade Limited

₱ 3,000



Price Value


Marketing Materials


Product Marketability



  • Anyone can do CAPTCHA typing
  • Pays in Euro currency


  • No physical product
  • Captcha typing is unethical (based on research)
  • Very limited ways to earn

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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