Ener-chi Pendant

Price: ₱6,800

Mode of Payments: COD, DragonPay, PesoPay

Free shipping for minimum order of 1 box (₱6,800)

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1 pendant per box




Wear 1 for Everyday Protection

Main Uses

Aerial Bacteria and Virus Protection

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Ener-chi Pendant: Protection with Style

Ener-Chi Pendant is the upgraded version of iProtect 24/7, world’s first mobile round-the-clock protection against bacteria and viruses. It aims to improve and bring back one’s natural body frequencies, strengthen the balance and endurance, resulting to more liveliness, delight and replenished well-being.

Wearing Ener-chi Pendant can strengthen the balance and endurance of the body leading to a livelier and healthier person you are.

By putting on Ener-chi Pendant, your immune system will be boosted, improves body flexibility, increases stamina and performance, and shields the body from threats coming from viruses and harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, the Ener-Chi Pendant is instilled with a subatomic technology that lessens the harmful impact of ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

Benefits of Ener-chi Pendant

  • Protects you against EMF radiation
  • Restore your body natural balance
  • ]Intensifies your performance
  • Increase your stamina
  • Escalates your endurance
  • Improve your body’s flexibility
  • Renews your cells
  • Strengthen your immune system

This is not magic, but Ener-chi Pendant works like one.

Grab Ener-chi Pendant experience it for yourself.

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