CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch

Price: ₱480

Mode of Payments: Debit/Credit Card, DragonPay, BDO Deposit

Free shipping for minimum order of 4 packs (₱1,920)

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8 patches per pack




1 patch per body part in pain

Main Uses

Body Pain Removal

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CareLeaf: A Herbal Based Thermal Releaf

CareLeaf is an all-natural thermal relief patch that penetrates the innermost layer of the skin, giving you instant comfort to your aching body parts.  It contains micro layers infused with adaptogens combining natural blend of powerful minerals & herbal ingredients that delivers immediate relief to musculoskeletal pain.

It is the world’s first patch product that uses nano diamond technology. It is non-drug, non-synthetic herbal patch that contains minerals with no known side effects.

How does Careleaf Work?

The moment CareLeaf gets in contact with skin, Grapeseed Oil opens up the pores allowing active ingredients to come in and alleviate inflammation.

Ingredients of CareLeaf

  1. Korean Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) – helps boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body’s organs, protects the liver and can detoxifies the effects of alcohol. It also helps combat ageing due to its antioxidants. It is beneficial for those recovering from illness, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and those suffering from diabetes.
  2. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) – known HERBAL REMEDY used since the middle ages for its ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES, wound healing, diuretic properties as well as good treatment for BACK PAINS even treating anxiety and depression.
  3. Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) – contains the active ingredient CURCUMIN. It has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and a very powerful antioxidant
  4. Capsaicin (Capsicum Annuum) – derived from RED Chili Peppers– a natural sourc of endorphin, relieving stress and pain
  5. Silver Ions – inorganic, natural mineral, widely recognized for antimicrobial function.
  6. Organic Germanium – utilizes your own body heat to bring us the relief we need – acts as a natural reflector.
  7. Grapeseed Oil –  high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), mostly omega-6 fatty acids and a good source of Vitamin E that helps ease the pain of stiff muscles after exercise.

Body pain reduces productivity and gives so much worry. Don’t let this happen!

Give instant relief by using CARELEAF!

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2 thoughts on “CareLeaf: A Herbal Based Thermal Releaf”

  1. May i please ask what is really the price of the patch per pack? I was able to purchase in one of the supposedly distributors at a promo of 2+1= 3 packs at Php620.00

    However, it is being sold in Shopee and Lazada at much lower price that is why I am asking for real price of the product.

    1. Hi Maricar,

      The real price is Php480 per pack (8 patches). The easiest way to check is to visit the official AIM Global store.

      If you are wondering about why the link is directed to Empowered Consumerism website, you may check this post for explanation.

      As to why it is being sold at a cheaper price in Shopee and Lazada, that is something we can’t answer. It is still best to buy in official store to ensure you are getting the authentic products.

      As to AIM Global policy, it’s actually a violation to sell AIM products lower than SRP.

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