AIM Global Innovation: What is R2ME?

What is R2ME
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What is R2ME? AIM Global’s R2ME stands for Recruitment and Retailing Made Easy. It’s purpose is to automate the process of recruiting new distributors and selling of AIM Global products through the use of replicated links or what we commonly know as referral links. It was launched last January 2018 with only 4 products available for selling through the system but it eventually made it to include all the products in June 2018. 


Currently, R2Me have 3 major services as follows:

1. Account

R2ME provides its members with a login account where all the sales and profit history can be viewed. It can also track your customer product shipments and other information. Your replicated links for products and Recruitment are also provided in once section of the website for you to copy anytime you like. 

R2Me is a separate login account from your AIM account so AIM member should make sure to create a new account in You will need your AIM Account number to be able to signup. Once signed up, you will need to activate your account which comes for a fee. We will talk about the fee in the next section. 

AIMR2ME Website

2. Product Shipment

R2ME will ship all the product orders on behalf of the members. Shipment takes 3 to 5 days if customer is within Metro Manila and 3 to 7 days if outside Metro Manila. Customers have 3 modes of payment: Cash in Delivery (COD), Dragon Pay or Peso Pay. 

There are three types of fees in R2ME shipments: Shipping fee, COD fee and Insurance fee. Shipping fee and COD fee is dependent on the location of the customer while insurance fee is always 1% of the selling price. 

COD fee are always charged to the customer while shipping fees for products purchased are waived and are being charged to the distributor if the order is a bundle (usually 4 packs and above). A bundle is a set number of quantity for a particular product. For example, c24/7 is bundled as 4 packs, Liven Alkaline coffee is bundles as 10 packs. To easily identify the bundle quantity of a particular product, simple check the default quantity when you place an order.

On the other hand, if the customer joins as new distributor, the shipping and COD fee is automatically charged to customer.

Below is a guidelines for easy reference.AIM R2ME Guidelines

Once the order is fulfilled, any retail profit will be credited to the distributor’s account which can be withdrawn through ATM or cheque. 

3. Customer Service

R2ME has its own customer service to answer all questions and issues you encounter on any part of R2ME services. I personally experienced contacting them and I can say they are very accommodating and would love to answer all your questions as much as they can. They even reply so fast in chat. Below are the ways you can contact them:

  • eMail:
  • Tel No:. +63-02-706-0277
  • Toll Free : ‎1-888-973-4048
  • Viber Number : ‎+639175785817

Website Design

The website design is pretty neat. I personally like how it looks in a PC web browser. You can easily navigate to any data you want and it looks modern with all the animation and clean design. It’s pretty much covered all the basic monitoring and tracking account activities but it lacks content when it comes to details on how to use. The tutorial is so basic with only two videos as of writing. 

The mobile version of the design is really hard to use. The menus don’t act as intended. It sometimes closes on its own. There are actually few bugs where on you cannot use menu icon for some reason in a product page. These are just minor website design issues that I believe can easily be fixed by the website developer. It still functions as intended when buying products. 

Overall, website design is good enough as a startup system. This would eventually evolve as more distributors use the system and suggest. 

Website Features

R2ME website has all the basic features the members need. They’re pretty basic but still more than enough to render all the functions and purpose of the system.

AIMR2ME Dashboard

Here are the list of all the current menu items and it’s functions:

  1. Dashboard – This is where the summary of all your transactions can be found. You’ll be able to see details for the following:
    • Today’s sales amount
    • Yesterday’s sales amount
    • This month’s sales amount
    • Total Retails profit amount
    • Number of product inquiry
    • Number of package (opportunity) inquiry
    • Product sales graph
    • Retails profit graph
    • Product inquiry graph
  2. Retails Profits – This section show you history of successful product sales with the following columns: Retails Summary
  3.  Prospect List – This show the details of people who attempted to purchase any distributor package whether successful or not. It shows the Full Name, email address and contact number of all your prospect.Prospect List
  4. Product Inquiry – This shows the details of people who attempted to purchase any AIM Global products whether successful or not.  It shows the Full Name, email address, contact number and the product purchased.Prospect List
  5. Tutorial – This shows only two videos:
    • Online Selling – just a quick video to teach you how to use the product replicated (referral) link online
    • Online recruitment – just a quick video to teach you how to use the recruitment replicated (referral) link online
  6. Replicated Link – This shows your recruitment and products replicated links. These are the links that your prospects should click to be able to track and credit the prospect as yours. Replicated Link AIMR2ME
  7. My Orders – This will show all your current orders in process where you can track the status of your orders.My Orders AIMR2ME
  8. Activation Codes – This section just shows the activation code purchase. You only need to purchase the code once.
  9. Change Password – This is basically the section to change password.
  10. Logout – Just click here to logout to your account.


As mentioned in the first section, members can signup to R2ME but they need to activate the account to be able to use it. To be able to activate the account, login to your R2ME account and click   “Requests Activation Code”.  This will cost you Php2,800. You will be directed to a form where you need to fill in your shipment details. This means that your activation code will be sent through shipment. The first time I’ve seen this get me  to asking why a code need to be shipped? This is because this price include products. 

Your P2,800 pesos will include the following products:

  • 2 Packs Burn Coffee
  • 2 Packs Burn Shake
  • 2 Packs Burn Iced Tea
  • 2 Packs Vida Drink Mix

This process will take you 3 to 7 days depending on your location in the Philippines. 

Alternatively, you may just go to the main office in Ortigas and purchase the R2ME package. This will take you less than one hour and you’ll get to activate your R2ME account the same day. 

Once your got your activation code, just follow the instructions to enter the code and you’ll get access to all the section of the account right away. 


R2ME is a new system but I can say it has a potential to be a great tool to automate your recruitment and online selling of AIM products. It has flaws currently but eventually this will be resolved and it will hopefully turn into an all in one solution to online marketing. Not every networking do have such system therefore as IAM global distributor, we must embrace and support this initiative in making out lives easier. 

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2 thoughts on “AIM Global Innovation: What is R2ME?”

  1. Thanks for your detailed review of R2ME ( site. It is highly informative for AIMGlobal distributors who have been trying to know what it is.
    I believe this is the future of network marketing that will easily promote and distribute products of the company.
    I still have one worry which I will like you to clarify. Is this system only for distributors based in the Philippines? if NOT how can a distributor outside the Philippines gain access to it. Because this is what I have been really waiting for.


    1. Hi Ken,

      Thanks for dropping by. You are correct, this is the future of network marketing. Most new and startup network marketing now uses replicated link for faster processing of sales and recruitment (eg. SalveoWorld)

      Unfortunately, this is only available in the Philippines for now. I believe there are also plans for other countries where AIM Global operates. I will create a separate post when that happens.

      If you are based in other country, you can still use r2me as long as you are selling and recruiting members in the Philippines ?.

      If you have more questions, just feel free to ask.

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