Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide

Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide
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Making money online (MMO) has been very popular nowadays and almost everyone wants to succeed on this field. But not everyone knows where to start RIGHT because there’s a lot of shiny objects you can find in the internet. Let’s forget those shiny objects and focus on one of the best real way to make money online: Affiliate Marketing. In this little Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Guide, I will talk about the essential things to know about Affiliate Marketing and how you can start your own affiliate marketing business as a beginner on this field.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Forget about the magic button that will make you instant millionaire online. Affiliate marketing needs hard work. This is the hard truth. Every successful online individuals worked hard to get where they are now, it’s the same thing with affiliate marketing. If you see someone claiming to give you instant success using an awesome system, avoid it. It will set your hopes high and will not make you any money. Now, let’s start by defining affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products to earn a portion of profit called commission.

In wikipedia, “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

The words “performance” and “efforts” sound like what I emphasized in the beginning: hard work. It also give a general idea of rewarding affiliates by just bringing customer not exactly selling which is something you will learn when you get deeper in the world of Affiliate Marketing.

Well, wikipedia is a bit technical so let’s stick with our simple terms. Now let’s see how it works.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

You cannot just share affiliate products to your friends and family using social media to earn few little commissions. You need something the would work for you 24/7 even as you sleep.

The most effective way of doing Affiliate Marketing is by setting up a website that people can find with just a simple search in Google. Don’t worry, building a website is very simple nowadays. It’s as simple as creating a word document with a drag and drop feature. 

This method is designed to give you PASSIVE INCOME. Literally, making money while you sleep.

Below is a simple diagram on how Affiliate Marketing works.

How Affiliate Marketing Work
  1. The process starts when a customer search in Google.
  2. Google shows your website in the search result. Customer reads your content that contains affiliate links.
  3. The customer then clicks the affiliate link and get directed to a product page like Lazada or Amazon.
  4. Customer buys and you earn the commission.

Can you see the potential of affiliate marketing? Commissions can range from 1% up to 70% depending on what product you promote. And there are lots of affiliate program out there just waiting for you to promote their products. 

There are approximately 5.8 billion Google searches per day. Imagine if you at can least get 10 people a day search for you website and buy from your affiliate link. That’s going to be passive. Once your website gets ranked, it stays ranked (with some exceptions of course).

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in one of the easiest online business to start mainly because it is almost FREE to start with and process is pretty straight forward. It also  comes with great benefits as compare to other business out there. It’s a very convenient business, good for those who wanted to start right away. Let’s list the top benefits in this Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide.

With affiliate marketing:

1. You don’t need to own a product.

Owning a product is very costly. You have to think of branding, design, supplier etc. Plus, you have to outrank your competitors in terms of quality and price. That’s a lot to think of. With Affiliate Marketing, you can just choose the best product in the market under your niche and promote it as soon as you wanted to.

2. There is no need for a warehouse to keep your inventories

Since you don’t own the product, there is no need for a warehouse. No need to worry about expired goods or products. You don’t have to pay for warehouse fee or put up some space just to store inventories. You can just relax and let the affiliate program partner handle it.

3. You won’t need to ship the products

Shipping products is a hassle especially if you don’t have a team to do that. You have to monitor the timing. There is a need to check the right product you ship is delivered to the right customer. You can forget about shipping products with affiliate marketing.

4. You don’t have to deal with customers 

Lastly, the hardest part of selling is dealing with customers. Every customer is different, some can be very hard to please, others can be demanding. With Affiliate Marketing, you don’t even need to know who you are selling with. You can promote the products to the customers and let the affiliate companies customer service do the talking.

I’m sure there are other benefits that you can think of but these are the most obvious ones. Now let’s talk about a more challenging concept that you need to know about Affiliate Marketing. Let’s talk about SEO.

Basic Idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One critical part of Affiliate Marketing is making your website rank in Google. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Don’t let the term scare you. It’s basically just putting the right words on the right places on your website contents.

Search Engine Optimization

It may seem SEO is a very complicated idea to understand. It’s not actually. It is something anyone can learn. As you go along the world of Affiliate Marketing, experience can make you master and love SEO.

Nowadays, there are tools that make SEO easier to do. But let’s not talk about the technicals yet in this Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide. Let’s focus on one important and effective technique in SEO, the use of long-tail keywords.

Long-tail Keyword is your Weapon Against Big Names

When people search in Google, they use what we call “keywords”. These are the words we typed in the Google search box and it determines the results we see after we hit the search button.

Keywords can be short: like for example “smartphone”. It can also be long which is what I mentioned as long-tail keywords like “affordable smartphone for kids” or “cheap smartphone with dual sim”.

Between short and long-tail keywords. Which do you think is easier to rank? It’s the long-tail keywords because that has less competition compared to short keywords. When I say competition, it’s the number of websites trying to rank on the same keywords. You can not just compete with giant names with short keywords. Your content will be hard to rank that way for starting website.

Long-tail keywords normal has lesser search counts as compared to short ones. But that also means the long-tail keywords are more targeted keywords which attracts the higher quality visitors. When using long-tail keywords, you still need to make sure those long-tail keywords are words some people search based on search history. If these keywords are being search by 100-200 people a month, that can be a good keyword choice to put in your contents.

Now, how would you know if the long-tail keyword has some search history or not?

This is where keyword search tools comes to the rescue. Keyword search tool will give you data you need such as number of searches per month, number of competing website, SEO rating etc.

Now that you have the basic idea on how SEO works, let me introduce to a place where you can get all the tools (including keyword research tool) and trainings that you need to start with Affiliate Marketing. You cannot just start alone on this journey. Take advantage of the great community to support you when you need help along the way. You need to have a set of tools and solid trainings. The best place you can get all these is with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate, The Best Place for Every Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy affiliate is the #1 platform designed to provide all the needs of an affiliate marketer. It’s a one stop place to get industry-leading trainings, tools, and supports as affiliate marketer. I decided to include it in this Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide because it’s the best place for beginners to start with.

Wealthy Affiliate

It’s not just few beginner training videos like others offer. It’s actually a massive set of ready made trainings and weekly live ones perfectly fit for those beginners and experienced marketers.

The tools are top notch and easy to setup. You don’t need to know about technicalities related to setting up a website. The community support is very active. You’ll get answers in minutes or even in seconds on its live chat feature. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots to explore here. 

What’s Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s check out a little bit on what to expect inside. But if you are curious enough, you can head on and create you FREE account now. 

As soon as you logged in for the first time, you will be guided on how to get familiar with everything inside. It pretty well design. For me it’s even better designed as compared to facebook. By the way, it’s very modern and looks like Facebook where you have your own profile page. It’s like the facebook for Affiliate Marketers. 

Profile Page - Wealthy Affiliate

On the left side, just below your profile photo, are the quick access to the main features of Wealthy Affiliate. The Dashboard is where you will find yourself reading through peoples success stories and tips or even answer questions from new members. You can comment and discussed stuff here.

Just below the Dashboard is the Trainings. Here you will find all the trainings available in Wealthy Affiliate in one organized section. If you wanted to check how the trainings are done, here is the quick link to the FREE trainings. The trainings is format as article, video and activity so there’s no reason you won’t remember any lessons in every trainings here.

10 Trainings - Wealthy Affiliate

I will leave the other portions for you to explore as I wanted to make this Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide as short as possible. Feel free to ask me anything inside Wealthy Affiliate. Will be under the Help Section as Premium couch (assuming you signup using links in this post). I will also send an automated message, the first time you’re inside.

Coach Section - Wealthy Affiliate
That’s my coach JerryHuang. You will see my photo in place instead.

How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

The quick answer is, it’s FREE. You’ll get to access a wide range of features as a free member. Even free website and hosting are included for free members to access. So you can definitely start business as free member. Here some of what you will get as free member.

  1. Website Builder (WordPress)
  2. Free 1 Domain Name (under siterubix)
  3. Training Modules (50)
  4. Core Certification Course (10 lessons)
  5. Affiliate Bootcamp (10 Lessons)
  6. Training Classrooms (2)
  7. Keyword Research Tool (limited)
  8. Affiliate Program Search Tool
  9. Earn while you learn
  10. Affiliate Commission (25%)

A lot more features are accessible if you decide to become a premium member. A premium member will cost you $49/ month or if you do a yearly subscription, it will cost you $359 (around 40% savings). Forget about the premium membership for now. The important thing as beginner is to start the training and learn as soon as you can. Take the free training and see if this business fits you. Once you got the idea, it’s up to you to decide if you will pursue this or not. But I’m sure, you enjoy it inside, no doubt.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs to Start With for Beginners

I just want to give you an idea of what programs to start with as a beginner. I suggest you start with Amazon affiliate or Involve Asia. Amazon affiliate will be discussed in Wealthy Affiliate during the training so you can’t go wrong with that.

Involve Asia is what I suggest if you are targeting people in Asia or you are leaving in Asia. Inside Involve Asia are the big names of advertisers like Lazada, Shopee, Microsoft and even Amazon Singapore. If you decide to try it out, check out separate post: Involve Asia Review.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own section for searching Affiliate Programs. Those can be overwhelming but feel free to use it if you can find a better fit for you website niche/topic.

Wrap Up: Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Guide

Definitely, affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. But as I always say, doing it comes with hard work. You cannot just start Affiliate Marketing and expect to get results overnight. It is very important to be consistent. Build the foundation, your website. Write content regularly. In Affiliate Marketing, content is the KING.

Affiliate Marketing comes with lots of benefits. You can’t go wrong choosing this over other business model. Once you’re in, focus on the trainings and building your website for you Affiliate Marketing business. Don’t be attracted by shiny objects along the way.

We are lucky to have a great community and platform that provides everything we need as Affiliate Marketer. Wealthy affiliate is our second home in this business. If you get stuck, ask for help inside Wealthy Affiliate, and you’ll surely get answers. It is easy to quit when you don’t know what to do next or when you are stuck with something. Read success stories on your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard to get inspiration and overcome everything along the way. The community can help a lot.

Never quit. If you do, it’s over. Just keep going and you’ll get your goal. Good luck and see you inside Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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