3 Main Ways to Earn In AIM Global in 2018

3 Main Ways to Earn in AIM Global
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AIM Global has been around for more than 12 years now and if you search the internet, you will find lots of information about how to do the business on AIM Global in 2018. This is a good thing but what I’m worried about is that information on most websites becomes outdated. We are here to provide you with the most updated information through this post.

Most websites or blog would give you 7 ways to earn in AIM Global in 2018. But if we are to categorize these 7 ways to earn into main categories, we can get the 3 main ways and we believe this is more logical because in 7 ways, you need to actually earn on one before you get to start earning on the other ways to earn. For example, before you get uni-level bonus, you need to be successful first in Direct Referral or Matching Bonus.

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3 Main Ways – 7 Traditional Ways to Earn

AIM Global is a network marketing company and is basically under a business model where people earn revenue from direct selling and recruitment members as distributors either through word of mouth or online channels like social media.

So basically there are two main ways:

  1. Direct Selling
  2. Direct Referral

The third way is actually a combination of both but done indirectly through internet marketing. You may see it as a strategy but it’s too broad and too effective that we can categorize it as one of the main ways to do network marketing.

We call it “Indirect Internet Networking” which basically involves educating people about the products and opportunity model without actually inviting the prospect. It’s more of making people look for you rather than you look for people. This is purely online and can be learned with little to no knowledge on internet marketing. It’s actually something anyone can learn. We will be going to dig deeper into it later on.

The traditional 7 ways to earn will revolve around these three main ways. Here’s how we can mix this up together:

  1. Direct Selling (Buy and Sell)
    • Retailing
  2. Direct Referral (Personal Recruit)
    • Direct Referral Bonus
    • Matched Sales Bonus
    • Uni-level Sales Bonus
    • Overriding Stair Step Commission
    • GA Max 10
    • Flow Back Points
  3. Internet Marketing (Build and Automate)
    • Building Website
    • Attracting Visitors through search engine
    • Automate revenue thru AIMR2ME.com

Main Way to Earn #1: Direct Selling

AIM Global Retailing

Direct Selling or Retailing is the simplest of all the main ways of earning through AIM Global. It is simple selling product to earn a profit. At AIM Global, you instantly get 25% to 30% discount on any products you purchase as distributor. That’s instantly the same profit you will earn as direct seller of AIM Global products and far way higher than any affiliate commissions you will earn on most products around the internet.

If you don’t see the potential on direct selling, here’s another way to view direct selling. If you can master selling products, you can easily accumulate 15 accounts in AIM Global by buying global packages and selling all the products you received. The product you receive from buying global package is worth more than what you pay for so you still earn a lot of direct selling profit. Buy global package and sell the products until you reach a maximum of 15 accounts. That’s instantly 14 direct referrals and a lot of matching bonus plus imagine the potential if you get a lot of downlines. We will talk more on direct referral and matching bonus on next section.

Main Way to Earn #2: Direct Referral

Direct Referral is a simple the person you invited and signed up to be a new distributor. You can also call a direct referral your “downline” though the definition isn’t exactly the same. Let’s not complicate things yet so let’s now lost down all the traditional ways to earn under this section.


AIM Global Direct GP Bonus

This is also called or DIRECT GLOBAL PACKAGE (GP) BONUS. It is actually identified by product points but you can simply view it as 1 person direct referral equals ₱500. There are some complications on the calculation but I believe that’s something we can let the system handle. Let’s make things simple at this time.


 AIM Global Matched Bonus

A match is one person from your right and one person from your left. If you referred two persons, it is generally one match and you earn ₱1,000 for each match under you. This is actually the common denominator of all network marketing so I guess you have a little idea on how it works. People under you will have referrals as well. As long as the system sees a match under your left and right no matter how deep the downlines are, you get ₱1,000 for each of the matches. Imagine if you invite two hard-working people, you maybe able to get the maximum per day per account commission of ₱32,000. That is ₱960,000 a months. Just do the math.


AIM Global Uni-level Bonus

Your downline and direct referrals can be two different persons. Downline is the placement of people under your group. You earn 5% of the product points of your downline up to the 10th level. Product points are granted for every purchase of products. If you get 750 points to your left and to your right, you get ₱1,000.

Direct referrals, on the other hand, are the people you invited and who signed up as distributor. They don’t necessary need to be under the 10th level of your downlines. You earn 5% of the product points of all your direct referrals. If you get 750 points to your left and to your right, you also get ₱1,000.


AIM Global Stair Step Commission

As AIM Global distributor, you gain rank as you gain positional points. There currently 6 ranks.

  • Distributor – Rank of new distributor (0%)
  • Silver Executive (SE) – Achieved by gaining 10 Positional Points (10%)
  • Gold Executive (GE) – Achieved by gaining 100 Positional Points (20%)
  • Global Ambassador (GA) – Achieved by gaining 1000 Positional Points (30%)
  • Ruby Global Ambassador (RGA) – Achieved by gaining 5 Direct GA’s with with at lease 50 Non-GA Group Positional Points (35%)
  • Diamond Global Ambassador (DGA) – Achieved by gaining 8 Direct GA’s with with at lease 50 Non-GA Group Positional Points (40%)

The higher your rank, the higher your stair step commissions are. Commissions are calculated based of the difference on rank. For example, you are a Gold Executive. You gain 20% overriding commission in all distributor rank under your group. You also gain 10% (20% less 10%) commission in all Silver Executive rank under your group.

5. GA-MAX 1o

AIM Global GA MAX 10

If you are a Global Ambassador, you can enjoy another income equal to 2% of your GA’s group sales volume up to the 10th level with roll down and roll up dynamic compression.


AIM Global Flow Back Points

Do double or triple personal monthly achievement and increase your commissional points by 20% to 30%.

Main Way to Earn #3: Indirect Internet Networking

This is the most exciting way to earn in AIM Global. It’s not actually the typical way to earn in a network marketing but our group managed to see the potential on this as it generates more leads in the long run. It’s perfect for those who are not fond of convincing people to join the business because we do this through internet marketing with the intent to help people look for information and earn sales and recruits in the process.

4 Steps Internet Marketing PNG

This process involves 4 phases:

  1. Choosing a niche
    • A niche is simply a specific topic for a website we are going to build. In our case, we already have a niche. It’s health and wellness focusing on AIM Global products.
  2. Building a Website
    • A website is the most flexible tool to connect to the internet world. Your website is where you would help people find information about your niche so its should be easy to navigate and very well presented. When setting up a website, it is also important to choose the right platform that would give you the best flexibility and limitless possibility when building your website. This is where WordPress.org comes. For more information about setting up your free WordPress.org website, you can check out our post “How to make a website for free for AIM Global in less than 10 Minutes”.
  3. Attracting Visitors
    • Your website cannot help people if you cannot attract visitors. There are lots of ways to get visitors and one of the most effective and free unlimited source of visitors are the search engines. You will need to learn the basic of Search Engine Optimization, which is not as difficult as it sounds. It’s actually something that anyone can learn. Thanks to WordPress.org, this has become easier to set up.
  4. Earning Revenue
    • This is the phase we wanted to reach. When you get enough visitors, sales starts to come in. People look for business opportunities will find you through your website. You no longer need to manually sell AIM products or to recruit people from Facebook or spend money in coffee shop just to educate a friend about the business. We are talking here of full automation of sales and recruits through the use of the system AIMR2ME.com, a system launch by AIM Global in January 2018 that automates the selling and recruitment process through the use of tracking links.

There are already lots of entrepreneurs who had success applying this 4 phases and most of them just earn from being an affiliate of Amazon which generates them up to 8% commission per sale. Imagine how far can we go with 25% to 30% per sale through direct selling AIM products alone.

You don’t have to worry about the details. We have the perfect place for beginners, complete with video tutorials and helpful community that would help you setup your website in no time. If you are eager to start doing this now, check out our post “How to make a website for free for AIM Global in less than 10 Minutes”.


People nowadays are comfortable in buying stuffs online at the comfort of their home. And it’s a good thing AIM global was able to catch up with the trend when they launch AIMR2Me.com. AIM Global is the first networking company to launch such an innovative system. This is really the perfect time to do internet marketing along with the great products of AIM Global.

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. You can even use your existing MLM or any business to generate full-time PASSIVE INCOME.

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8 thoughts on “3 Main Ways to Earn In AIM Global in 2018”

  1. This was a very interesting read! I liked how you not only listed the traditional ways of selling but put improved ways on how you operate. Also getting a 25 to 30% discount on products someone would purchase is an amazing deal! How long has this company been around for and how come I have never heard of them? This seems like an amazing opportunity. Very good read, thank you.

    1. Hi  Alll4Gamerz,

      Thanks for readings our post. AIM Global celebrated its 12 years anniversary last May 2018. They’ve already helped a lot of people do their business passively on different parts of the world. The 25 to 30% is really such an amazing deal. Such discount is possible because AIM global doesn’t spend much in advertising, people discover the amazing products through word of mouth or through distributors joining the team. 


  2. i have been able to learn about the business more than expected,this post has really expand my knowledge about Aim Global, we put all that i learnt in application

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