3 Best Online Money Making Formula: Say Goodbye to Chasing People

“Chasing people has been part of Multi-level marketing (MLM) networker’s life. But something happened in January 2018 that made Multi-level Marketers bid “GOODBYE” to chasing people…”

Pacman chase

One of the challenges in any business is finding and attracting people to buy your product or services. Falling into this trap often resulting to frustrations and the feeling of rejection that eventually lead to quitting or closing the business. 

But what If you can reach a lot of people looking practically without actually reaching them personally? What if everything you need is to focus on polishing the products and services and leave the reaching people automated 24/7? What if this is possible without actually spending a single cent to start with?

 Basically, what we are going to talk about is doing business online through making a website to reach unlimited number of people. We have 3 formula to discussed with and each are of different path and will be applicable depending on your location and resources but all will lead you to a successful business online. 

Note that we will not be talking about quick money schemes here. There is no such thing as easy money online. We are talking about building a legit business that will last for a long time or as long as internet still exists.

Be prepared to learn, work and the fun part, earn money, through your hard work, dedication and patience.

Let’s start off with our first money making formula…


Wealthy Affiliate + AIM GLOBAL

Cost: P6,980
Skills Required: Intermediate

 Chasing people has been a big part of Multi-level Marketing (MLM) but, with today’s era, this can actually be avoided by combining multi-level marketing model with a well-known marketing model, “Affiliate Marketing”. You might think, these are two different business we are trying to combine but things keep evolving and everything becomes possible.

To get more familiar with these terms, let’s start by defining what Multi-Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing really mean.

Multi-Level Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has been around for a lot longer than most people think. This type of marketing can be done offline, and many people still do this today when selling beauty products or food supplements to friends, family and someone else. This is what a multilevel marketer does. They become associated with a certain product that they like or believe in, which they then buy from a supplier and resell to the public at a profit. In simple term, MLM is simply having a small franchise of a large business.

The reason that it is called MULTI level marketing is because if you are a marketer (or most commonly known as distributor), you can then start your own chain of distributors. This is called a down line. What would happen is that you buy your products from a supplier at a discounted price and sell them at SRP (Suggested Retails Price), but if you have a friend that also wants to start this business he or she can buy their batch of products and he/she become a distributor as your down line. In this way, you can make more money because when your down line invites other people as his/her down line, you also make money and earn even more as people under you get lots of people joining as distributors. Multi-level marketing has actually evolved and there are lots of ways you can earn nowadays. Below is a video that will give you a better understanding of what a multi-level marketing is. If you haven’t watch the video in our homepage,  feel free to watch below AIM (Alliance in Motion) Global marketing video to get the idea on how MLM works. 

Play Video

On the other hand, affiliate marketing is totally different. You are not selling any products directly. You are simply the mouthpiece, or the advertising board that tells people where to go and buy products. You will not have to purchase anything, but you will still make money just for telling people where to go to get a product. Affiliates get a commission when the person that they refer to a website buys something, so in this way the company is paying for a good lead and they will pay generously. Also, as affiliate marketer, you will get paid an extra amount if they refer more affiliates, but this will be a once off commission and they will not have any further dealings with the affiliate.

In our money making formula, the second factor is Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s get to know Wealthy Affiliate first and then we are going to inject AIM Global in the process later on.

 What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches everything about affiliate marketing designed for affiliate marketers of all levels, whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliate is not just a place for video tutorials, it is also a community of incredibly helpful people gathered in one of the most advance community platform. 

And best of all… it’s free to sign up and it won’t require your credit card to get started

It’s free to be a member anytime and you can be a free member for as long as you want. You have the choice to go premium to get more features for $49 a month but free membership is more than enough to start your money making journey. 

Wealthy Affiliate revolves around 4 major steps in the process. We will not jump into deep detail here since that will be covered by Wealthy Affiliate thoroughly and in an easy to follow videos tutorials once you sign up.  

If you received a warning that you cannot join as free member in Wealthy Affiliate because you are living in restricted country, click here to follow few steps.

4 Major Steps in Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Step 1 - Choose your interest

Interest can be anything that you are passionate about or something that you want to explore. Any interest can make you money online but the time it take varies. Later on, we will talk about some guidelines on how to choose an interest or commonly known as niche.

Step 2 - Build a Website

Website is the best tool to showcase your interest in the online world. The more people who visits your website, the more profit you earn. You don't need to learn how to code. You will learn how to use WordPress, and it's as easy as drag and drop. It's so powerful that you can do almost everything you can imagine for your website.

Step 3 - Attract Visitors

Wealthy affiliates focuses on driving free traffic (or visitors) through teaching people how to rank well in search engines. But you'll learn a lot more ways along the way like social media marketing, email marketing etc. Don't worry, just do what you are taught to do and you'll never notice you have so many visitors checking out your website.

Step 4 - Earn Revenue

Once your website has enough content, you'll start seeing visitors and then revenue starts to roll. You'll be making affiliate commission or a lot of down lines depending on the formula you choose from. If you are not AIM Global distributor, Amazon is the best way to go earning commissions. We will discuss Amazon in detail later on.

Building WebsiteI just want to point out Step 2 in the process. Don’t be scared by the term “Build a Website”. I understand this can be very scary for those of you who are not tech savvy but guess what, building your own website online is really not that hard these days. 

Even until today, I still don’t know a single line of code, and I don’t know anything about programming. Rest assured that building website will not be a huge obstacle for anyone of you if you’re following the right system which you can only find at Wealthy Affiliate.

The good thing about building up website is that you become your own boss working for yourself because you control when and what to put inside your website. Also, you are not getting paid based on the number of hours you’ve worked. Once you’ve established your website, it will be working for you 24/7

Even if you decide to take a break and go travel for a month or two, your website will still be there working for you. There will be times when you may receive email confirmation informing you that you’ve just made a commission even when you are sleeping, traveling or doing something else.

That’s definitely something you won’t experience in traditional jobs, right? Now, you start to see why Affiliate Marketing is the best one to used in our money making formula. People will now chase you rather than you chasing people. This is turning the table around, isn’t that great?

If you want to jump on learning more about the 4 major process, you may now click here to sign up.

Everything will be covered in a simple to follow video trainings with task to complete for every training you complete. So don’t worry if you are totally new to this. The approach is as if you totally have zero knowledge of the process.

“The KEY to SUCCESS is to start  BEFORE you’re READY.”
Marie Forleo

Who Should Sign Up to Wealthy Affiliate?

For beginners, since you can sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, I totally believe you would agree that it is a no-brainer way to go. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word for it, you should go and see for yourself. 

As previously mentioned, there is no credit card required or anything payment of some sort. It’s completely free to try and will be free forever. However, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, so it’s better to tell you who is this really for.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place not only for those who are brand new to the industry but also for experienced marketer. But the service is really created for those who are complete new to affiliate marketing and need to learn how to build an online business from scratch.

There’s also the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is not and never claims to be a get-rich-quick strategy. If you’ve come across something that promises to make you rich in just few weeks, believe me, that is definitely a scam. You will learn how to build a legitimate online business that can earn you some serious amount of money, but just like any other business, it is going to take a lot of time, hard work, patience, and support along the way. 

If you have realistic expectations, are willing to learn from those who have succeeded before you, and you’re willing to put at least 6 months into your business before you see any profits at all, then Wealthy Affiliate is a good place for you. Don’t worry the 6 months isn’t an absolute number. We can have this shorten if you follow through the process and be consistent along the way. 

Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent place for those who want to have everything they will need in one place. You’ll get market research tools, web building tools, domain registration, website hosting, website backups, site security, and much more, it’s all in one place. 

All of these tools come with complete step-by-step training videos and a support community that can help you throughout the leaning process. Wealthy Affiliate literally provides absolutely everything you’ll need to succeed with your online business.

Who Should NOT Sign Up to Wealthy Affiliate?

While I suggest everyone signs up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate to at least see what it’s like, an online business is not for everyone. These are the types of people who should stay away from Wealthy Affiliate.

A lot of people who sign up for Wealthy Affiliate are those who are in dire need of financial help. Many of them have this expectation that they can create a full time income in a matter of weeks or even a few months. That is not the case here. Take note that it takes an average business 3 years to profit. 

Fortunately, this will not take that long in Wealthy Affiliate but it will take considerable amount of time and effort. If you need a quick sources of income, Wealthy Affiliate is not the right place to provide that. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a legit, sustainable online business over a period of time that will also last for a long time.

To reiterate, anyone who is looking to make money fast should basically not sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. There are plenty of “make money fast” platform out there, and trust me they are all a scam. Wealthy Affiliate will never attempt to teach you how to make money fast. Building a legitimate online business takes time and hard work.

Don’t worry that much, there will always be a lot of help along the way. If you sign up using my affiliate link for Wealthy Affiliate, I will be notified and I will send you a welcome message. From that point on, you can contact me absolutely any time and I will help you through the process personally. If you ever feel overwhelmed or have questions you can’t find the answers to, I’m just a quick message away.

If you received a warning that you cannot join as free member in Wealthy Affiliate because you are living in restricted country, click here to follow few steps.

What will you get for free in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate follows a “freemium” business model by offering a free membership account. The free membership gives you limited access in the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard but as mentioned previously this is enough to get started and build your online business, but I totally recommend upgrading not only to get more awesome features but also to get yourself into more advance training which would benefit you in a long run. Although some of your free access lasts forever, such as some training videos and community features, other features only last for a limited time, such as the live chat feature. Below is the list of what you will get with the free Wealthy Affiliate Membership:

  • Training Course for Beginners
  • 7 Days Live Help
  • 2 Websites
  • Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Personal Blog within Wealthy Affiliate
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 Searches for Keyword Research Tool
  • 2 Training Classrooms
  • 1-on-1 Coaching - First 7 Day

I recommend you sign up for the free Wealthy Affiliate membership as a way to try things out. What’s nice about it is you can judge for yourself, based on the free membership, whether it is worth it for you to sign up for premium. 

However, only you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is high quality or not. You will get more than enough of an idea by signing up for their free membership option. On average, about one in every eight people upgrade to a premium membership. There is no sugar coating here, this is actually the real deal.

What will you get as Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate

The premium Wealthy Affiliate membership is where you get access to absolutely everything packed into one very well-designed user-friendly platform. This is the way to go if you’re really serious about building an online business. You will never find such an amazing community full of help, tools, and resources around the web these days or maybe not even in the next couple of years.

I had experience other platform before and the biggest issue I’ve had with previous training programs and marketing communities is how outdated they get. With a Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you don’t need to worry about that. New trainings are added daily including live weekly video training sessions. You can also search and browse past trainings they’ve created over the years. With a premium membership, you also get unlimited access to community features which is one of my favorite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.

Below are the things that are included with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

  • Full Access to Beginner Training Course
  • All 7 Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • Create up to 50 Websites
  • Personal Blog within Wealthy Affiliate
  • Unlimited Searches for Keyword Research Tool
  • Website Security
  • Live Video Classes
  • All Training Classroom
  • Twice higher payout in Affiliate Program inside Wealthy Affiliate
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Access to Weekly Webinar
  • 24/7 Website Support
  • Website Feedback and Comment Platform

If you add up all the services you get, the premium membership is totally a great deal. For example, you’ll notice Wealthy Affiliate includes unlimited keyword research with the membership but other paid keyword research tools sell for $49 or more just by themselves. Add website hosting, and pay another $10 per month. Add on the website security package and that’s another expense per month. Just based on those things alone, Wealthy Affiliate is a great deal with all the resources and tools you need in one convenient place. Not to mention all other things you’ll get like trainings, tutorials, and support that is included with the membership.

Yes, it really costs money if your serious about building this business, but starting any other business takes an investment a lot even higher in amount than Wealthy Affiliate. The key is to invest wisely, and make sure you’re investing in the right place. With Wealthy Affiliate Premium you are literally getting absolutely everything you’ll need to start a successful business online at a very affordable price ranging from free to $49 a month. This is definitely a steal.

 What Does It Look Like Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, the quickest way is to actually sign up for free but I guess a quick screenshot isn’t a bad idea just to give you a glimpse of what you would see inside.Wealthy Affiliate Homepage

You would notice everything is well-placed. It somehow looks like a Facebook profile but believe it or not, this is way more interesting to browse when you get into building business online. You would be able to read lots of success stories, current updates in progress of people you follow and lot of useful articles created by members of the community with the purpose of helping people within the community.

On the left side are your main menu. In the middle shows you the updates happening inside the community and from people you follow. And on the right side shows the live chat area where you can ask 24/7 and you will be amazed how fast people reply to any inquiries you throw in. There are a lot more within each menu and I don’t want to overwhelm you with information. Everything will be explained phase by phase within wealthy affiliate training in a clear simple to follow videos created by one of the founder named Kyle.

Here are some of my favorite success stories you’ll find in Wealthy Affiliate blog area:

Where is AIM Global in the Picture?

As what you’ve seen I the video, AIM Global is an MLM network company with different ways to earn income. Each ways gives you high income potential because the company does not rely on advertising but rather, they rely on distributors and the word of mouth thus saving them a lot of expenses from advertising/endorsers. As a result, you reward distributors by giving high potential income from their hardwork.

I just want to note that AIM Global isn’t available in all countries. If your country is not listed below, don’t worry, there are lots of interest to choose from. Just continue reading to know more about the 4 biggest market as alternative to AIM Global. Here is the list of countries where you can join AIM Global networking company.

  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Brunei
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Hawaii
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Togo
  • Uganda
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Nigeria
  • Kuwait
  • UAE
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabii
  • Tanzania
  • Japan
  • Hongkong
  • Rwanda

In the previous discussion, we’ve tackled about the 4 major steps in the process of building an online business using Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s list them once more because AIM Global fits somewhere in these steps.

Wealthy Affiliate revolves around 4 major steps in the process.

  • Step 1: Choose your interest
  • Step 2: Build a website
  • Step 3: Attract visitors
  • Step 4: Earn Revenue through affiliate links

I think you’ve already got the idea. Step 1 is to choose your interest. Interest could actually be anything you are passionate about but then this is not an absolute rule. Affiliate marketer have set some guidelines of choosing your niche (this is the more technical term for interest in affiliate marketing world).

Let’s talk a little about these rules and see if AIM Global really fits to achieve a higher chance of succeeding in building online business.

We have to ask 3 questions.

First question – What do you have an interest in?

AIM Global focuses on health niche. This is more of a personal question. Most people prefer to start their business based on what they are passionate about. This isn’t always the case for building online business though some actually succeed with doing their business base on what their passionate about but you have to be very outstanding to get into the competition for small number of target market. In building online business, you need to know what people are actually looking for online and that’s were the money flows..

Second question – Do people actually spend money in this niche?

If there is no one buying anything in a chosen niche, you cannot sustain a business for very long. Good thing, AIM Global and its products has been in the business for 12 years now and they were able to maintain the great image for producing high quality products that has been well known in different part of the world.

Final question – are there products/services you can promote?

Obviously, you can’t very well be a successful affiliate if there are no products or services available for you to actually promote. With AIM Global, you have 20+ products to choose from and each product earns you 25-50% of profits just by selling products alone. If you’ve watch the video, you’ve known that selling product is just one way of earning in AIM Global. If we mixed all the ways of earning along with affiliate marketing, you will definitely get a lot more with this money making combo.

Aside from these questions, affiliate marketers should know the 4 big markets to start from.

Even though there are tons of different topics that you can choose, below are the four major categories that you can start to think about and explore since these are the most common niche people are searching around the web thus leading to high conversion or profit.

1) Hobbies like gardening, fishing, remote control vehicles, sports, and so on.

2) Health and fitness like muscle building, weight loss & dieting, disease prevention and cure, anti-aging, stress reduction for example.

3) Relationships like dating, marriage, parenting, family, etc.

4) Money and wealth personal finance, budgeting, credit card debt, investing, real estate, and the like.

It’s very obvious where AIM Global falls in these categories. AIM Global focuses on health products such as weight loss products and disease prevention/cure food supplements and some of these are very well know around different parts of the world particularly the C24/7 Supplement. To check the most common products available in AIM Global, click here.

The Catch in Money Making Formula #1

Since we are using Wealthy Affiliate with AIM Global as the niche, Wealthy Affiliate through your website takes care of the unlimited prospects. Unfortunately, once you got one prospect, you have to talk to him/her and do the manual selling and signup.

In other words, this formula is not automated and you cannot be run 24/7.

MLM companies like AIM Global rely on people chasing another to try and buy the products. This is normally done personally… not until something was launched in January 2018. This is where R2ME comes and this will be part of our third money making formula.


Wealthy Affiliate + AIM GLOBAL + R2ME

Cost: P6,980 + P2,800
Skills Required: Intermediate

 How to use AIM Global to Automate Earning 247?


As mentioned in the first part of this post, something happened in January 2018 that made this money making combo possible.

AIM Global has become the first to implement an innovative system that uses internet to automate selling and recruitment process. This system is called R2ME which stands for Recruitment and Retailing Made Easy. This is currently available only in the Philippines but will surely be available in other covered countries in the near future.

R2ME automates the process of selling products by providing replicated link. It functions identically as what we commonly known as referral link or affiliate link wherein anyone who clicks the link are tracked and any credits are credited to the owner of the link. This how AIM Global and Wealthy Affiliate gets to connect in our money making combo. AIM Global becomes a form of affiliate company that gives a commission for every sales made through the replicated link. And the commission is exceptionally higher compared to any other company. Amazon for example only gives 8% commission for every sale and a lot of Affiliate marketer earns a lot through Amazon alone.

Remember in AIM Global, you don’t just earn through selling of products. You earn as well from recruiting people to become a distributor. This is automated as well in R2ME with a separate replicated link provided by the company. And once you recruit enough people, other ways to earn comes in and you earn a lot more. If you want to learn more on AIM Global ways to earn, click here.

Note that you do not recruit by chasing people here, you do it through affiliate marketing process in Wealthy Affiliate by creating website and selling AIM Global products and packages. Once you sell a product to someone, you can do follow-up for them to sign up or as distributor and this is done as well through R2ME. And since there are lots of prospect around then internet specially through Google search which is one of the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to push your self into single someone every time, you do it by a number of people and certain percentage will surely sign up.

Currently, R2ME system will cost you Php2,800 but this comes with products that costs more than the amount you pay so basically the system is essentially free of charge. I’ve made a separate post regarding R2ME on this link. This post will show you the features, services and processes of availing and using the system.

How to Become AIM Global Distributor and Avail R2ME?

Let me get you directly to the answer.

To be an AIM Global distributor, just click in my replicated link below and it will take you to R2ME website where you can choose packages to avail.

Join Me at AIM Global: http://aimr2me.com/aimGlobal/cyberjaze

If you need guidance, just follow below steps.

  1. Once the page has loaded, you may watch again the video or just skip to clicking the “I’m interested” button to proceed.
  2. Enter the billing and shipping info and choose the mode of payment. You can pay via Cash on Delivery (COD), Dragon Pay or Peso Pay.
  3. Choose the Global Package you want. You get to chooser among 6 Global Packages worth Php6,980 or Mega Packaged worth Php12,980. I suggest choosing among the cheaper once. If you want to know what products are included in the package, click here to go to our homepage.
  4. You will be charge shipping fee, insurance fee and COD fee depending on the chosen payment method. Just click “Place Order” if you agree with the charges.

Wait 3 to 7 days depending on your location. Metro Manila delivery will take 3 to 5 days while it would take up to 7 days of you are outside Metro Manila.

If you are in Metro Manila, you may speed up the process by availing through the Ortigas main office. This will just take less than one hour and you can start right away. Just contact us using our contact page (I suggest contacting us through mobile number for faster transaction). One of us will accompany you throughout the process. I guess you know how this works. In multi-level marketing, distributors of the same group help each other since every one earns in the process. This is a good thing, you will never feel alone in this business. You’ve got your AIM Global family in the real world and you get your Wealthy Affiliate family in the online world.

Once you’re in and you’ve got your AIM user ID and username, you are now off to getting you R2ME account. This will be a separate LogIn account from you AIM Global Website Login which is part of the benefits when you avail AIM Global Package. Follow below steps to avail R2ME.

1. Go to AIMR2ME.com and click” Register”

2. Fill in all the fields. In the first two field, you need to fill in your AIM user ID and AIM username. Fill in the rest of the field and click Register.

3. Once registered, your now be directed inside the dashboard but won’t be able to access most of the features. You need the activation key which you can avail inside you dashboard.

4. Click” Request activation code” and you will be directed to an order form. There will be another shipment since this includes products. But if you are within Metro Manila, you may just avail this as well in Ortigas Main Office to speed up the process. Our team will also accompany you through the process.

5. Once you’ve got your activation code, just enter it in your dashboard and you are good to go.

If you have question about the process, you may always contact us in our contact page and we will always be happy to answer all your queries.


Wealthy Affiliate + AMAZON

Cost: Free
Skills Required: Beginner

Most people are now hesitant to do business online because a lot of scams had been fooling people making them believe we can do easy and fast money online. There is actually no such thing as quick and easy money online. We would be all rich if that’s the case. Like any other business, doing business online requires hard work and patience. The good news is… you can start doing legit business online ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE.

We’ve learned a lot about Wealthy Affiliate. Now, let’s combine it with one of the well-known e-commerce business in the internet, “AMAZON”, to give us the best way to do business online at practically no cost.

AMAZON – The Best Place for Beginners

Making online business at totally no cost is truly possible with Wealthy Affiliate and Amazon combination. You just have to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate as free member and sign up as affiliate of Amazon which is definitely the right road for beginner to get their first step in building online business without them costing a cent.
Surely, you can choose any affiliate program or company but AMAZON is definitely the beast when it comes to affiliate programs. The number one reason is because people are so comfortable buying through Amazon and Amazon has maintained its reputation as one of the biggest and trusted e-market in the internet. There are other like eBay and Lazada but the process of signing up for Amazon is the simplest and hassle free.

A lot of Wealthy Affiliate members are earning as Amazon affiliate and it is totally hassle-free to sign up. They are not so strict as to who joins in so in a matter of minutes after you sign up, you can actually start selling and earn a commission for a maximum of 8% of your sales. 

Don’t get the wrong idea on the potential earnings as Amazon affiliate. People tend to buy stuff with confidence in Amazon since Amazon has already established it’s reputation in e-commerce industry. And to give you another good news, even if you are promoting a specific product, if a person clicks through your Amazon affiliate link and buys stuffs other than the one you are promoting, you still get commission for all other products they purchased within 24 hours. 

For example, if your send a buyer to buy a headphone in Amazon through your affiliate link and the buyer purchased a cellphone, you still earn the commission for the price of the cellphone multiplied by the commission rate.

“Wealthy Affiliate + Amazon” formula is truly the best choice if you are out of budget for now. Once you’ve established your website and you get to earn enough commission, upgrading would be easy. If you are not comfortable with Amazon, don’t worry, there are lots of affiliate company around the web, Wealthy Affiliate can point you to the most trusted and tested companies.

 Here’s the few steps you need to take to sign up to Amazon… 

How to Sign up as Amazon Affiliate




Click below link to access Amazon Affiliate Signup Page and click “Join Now for Free”



You will be asked to sign in. Feel free to sign in if you have an existing account. Otherwise, click “Create your Amazon account” Now for Free”



Fill up some account information. Fields with asterisk (*) are required fields.



Enter your website url and click add. You will be ask if there are any contents restricted for 13 year old or below. Just select the answer and click “Confirm”.



Fill in all the necessary fields to setup your profile. This will include information about your website. Feel free to be creative.



You will be ask to enter your telephone number. Just hit “Call Me Now” and wait for the automated call from Amazon. Be alert! The voice prompt will dictate the verification code twice and you have limited time (seconds) to type in the code.

Final Thoughts

I know these are lots of information but believe me, by taking actions today, you’ll be surprise of what you’ll be in the next 6 months. There will be lots of things to do but just be consistent in your hard work and dedication and you’ll never know you’ve hit the line of success where all great things start to happen, living life to the fullest. All stress will be gone, money is no longer a problem. That’s what we call financial freedom.

If you happen to a point where mistakes have been taken and you don’t know how to get up, don’t give up right away, there are lots of help along the way. What separates those who find true success from those who simply give up is how you label those “mistakes” in the first place. Thomas Edison attempted to create the light bulb more than 10,000 times. So even though he failed the first 9,999 times, he didn’t care. In fact, I love his quote that says: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

WINNERS are not people who never fail, but people who NEVER QUIT.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wealthy Affiliate + AIM Global + R2ME system” is for people living in the Philippines. This will give you access to high earnings model and automation.
  • Wealthy Affiliate + AIM Global” is for countries where AIM Global is availableThis will get you access to high earning model. You’ll get lots of prospect but process won’t be automated.
  • “Wealthy affiliate + Amazon” is for anyone around the world. You don’t actually need AIM Global to succeed in online business. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything even at no cost at all. You won’t get the high earning model but 8% commission in Amazon isn’t a bad thing. And its all automated as well that works for you 24/7. And the best thing is that you can do it completely at no cost.
  • Wealthy affiliate restricted few countries to join as free members due to few people spamming the community. But then restricted countries can still join by upgrading to premium account. If you want to try wealthy affiliate and you are living in one of the restricted countries, click here for a step by step instructions.

3 thoughts on “3 Best Online Money Making Formula: Say Goodbye to Chasing People”

  1. I am an aim global distributor in Nigeria.
    I have been in the business for about 4years now. Lately, I have been researching on how to improve my business and avoid chasing people.
    Wealthy affiliate is diffidently the solution I need.
    Pls how do I get involved in MONEY MAKING FORMULA #2?

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