Let's do it ONLINE.

Admit it, networking is not easy. It requires a lot of convincing and follow-ups. What if you can do it without recruitment and face to face selling?

“The KEY to SUCCESS is to start BEFORE you’re READY.”
– Marie Forleo–

Get Started

3 Must Haves Before Getting Started

Laptop & Internet

This is a "work from home" setup except that you control your own time.

Eagerness to Learn

You are not required to have prior knowledge but you must be willing to learn new things.


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It involves learning and building foundation.

We'll Do It Differently.

This is best for introvert persons or those finding it hard to convince people.

Doing differently means,

  • Without recruiting members
  • Without face to face selling
  • Without the feeling of rejection
  • Without needing to buy multiple accounts
  • Without going to training site

And also means, doing business

  • From the comfort of your home
  • Using only laptop and internet
  • While spending time with your family
  • On a more flexible hours
  • With unlimited source of prospects

Introducing: Wealthy Affiliate

One-stop platform to build a website and earn from it.


Build a Website

Building a website nowadays is just like creating a word document. You don't need to know anything about coding.

Attract Visitors

You'll learn how to get FREE unlimited source of customers by optimizing your website to be easily searchable in Google.

Earn Revenue

You will earn revenue in a form of commissions when visitors buy through your referral link.

Success Stories

Let's check out few of the success stories from Wealthy Affiliate.
WA Jerry Huang

Jerry Huang

One of the youngest successful affiliate marketer by the age of 21.
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WA TMaltz


A family guy with limited time turned into a successful full-time affiliate marketer. Read Original Post
WA Liz

Liz Hennessy

Record breaking 17K just from one post.
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WA Grace


Full time work-from-home Mom
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Wealthy Affiliate and AIM Global

A quick overview of the perfect combo.

AIM Global = Niche

A niche is the topic or what your website is all about. It can be anything like your passion (pet, travel, gadgets etc). Wealthy affiliate can be combined with any niche of your choice, meaning, you don’t necessarily need to join AIM Global to succeed in Wealthy Affiliate.

So, why did we choosed AIM Global?

Just to reiterate, you don’t need AIM Global to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.

AIM Global Overview

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Wealthy Affiliate Full Review

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